Why do export options CHANGE in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition?

Why do export options CHANGE in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition?

Why do export options CHANGE in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition?

This tutorial reveals why the import options are based on what you have selected and not what you’re looking at.

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  1. Why does premier pro sometimes upload in 480p rather than 720 or 1080?

  2. Nice video as always. I have a question about Cuda I upgraded my PC Parts recently To the Ryzen 3950X and the Asus RTX 2080 Ti 11GB. In Premiere i have the settings set to Mercury Playback Engine GPU Cuda. But i notice it's slower then Mercury Playback Software Only. which is really strange this is an expensive Latest Graphics Card and the CUDA option is always usually faster better. But not in this case. Also the GPU only uses 1-4% usage during rendering. I expected more. But in Software Only mode it uses 100% CPU that's normal and great. But i'd still like to fix CUDA because this RTX 2080 TI should be wayy faster then what i'm getting. Do i have to install the CUDA drivers too? The reason i didn't is because i already have this https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/156784/en-us which is the studio drivers for the RTX 2080 Ti which is better then the gaming drivers it performs better for workstation/editing i read. In Premiere Pro the CUDA option is there which is why i thought everything is working fine. But do i have to install this https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads in order for CUDA to work Properly or something? Please let me know thanks. Also i'm using Premiere Pro CC 2020 14.0.1 My goal is to take full advantage of the 16 CPU Cores


  4. Hey I've been having problem with video playback on both monitors. I have a good pc and I tried creating proxies. It doesn't seen like lagging, it seems it's on fast playback, sometimes it will play normally and sometimes it will be really fast. Is there anything on adobe that will automatic switch playback speed? Thanks

  5. Thanks, Colin perfect timing. It saved me time and frustration. excellent tutorial well done. keep on the good work.

  6. Thanks a lot for explaining! I also have another question: is it possible to export two or several timelines as one file? If you already explained that topic in another video please show me the link. Your videos helped me a lot through my journey learning to cope with premiere pro. Thank you very much!!

  7. Suffering from this pandemic prblm…thanks

  8. Thanks, Colin. That cleared up a minor confusion I’ve had for a long time!

  9. Thank you….perfect timing. Saved me time and frustration.

  10. Can you straighten the horizon on the canyon clip :o)

  11. Nice. Thanks, Colin. Is there a way in Premiere Pro to make “EXPORT” button the default selection as opposed to “QUEUE” button? I want to hit enter key to export and not launch AME.

  12. "A pretty simple one when you know it". Yes. The mystery solved. Thanks a lot and stay healthy!

  13. The bull dog cracked me up.

  14. Hi Colin,
    Adobe premiere is a very powerful software but unfortunately in film industry most of edtor told Avid is the best and they all work in avid why so?

  15. I like the new background behind you.

  16. Hey Colin are you having problems opening Audio plugin manager in Premiere with the latest update?

  17. I love watching your tutorial! Can I make a paypal animation graphics tutorial below the video?

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