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  1. I knew this dog was familiar to me… Was this shot taken in Brugges, Belgium ?

  2. Thanks Matt, yet I am completely dumb and I can't find my old presets!!!! Still you are the first one to be explain a bit more about this news! best wishes for you .

  3. I am trying to import the free presets you have available. You had talked about not having to unzip. I have tried both zip and unzip and all I get is an error message. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I have not used presets before and wanted to get some a try. Not impressed with the ones that came with LR.

  4. Yeah. They took features away? So glad I’m paying and they moved to a monthly fee and now they removing stuff. So basically we pay them to remove things?

  5. Hi Matt… How do you add Presets to a group, for emample I own a couple of your packs as well as a few other togs that I have bought from so how do I get the bar to seperate them please? (presets are staroed in seperate folders) thanks in advance!

  6. Thanks for the summary of updates, Matt. I'd like to see one small "fix" in the future. When working on a laptop, especially in BW, brush and adjustments with anchors are impossible to see. Small gray anchors upon a monochrome image.?? I'd like to be able to set anchors to a color and/or "blink" so they stand out.

  7. I’ve been using Lr since version 4 and don’t know anything about the Book module, do you actually use it?

  8. Matt, on the left of your screen in the Presets it shows Matts Sun Flare Presets and Matts Sunlight and Haze Presets, are these still available?

  9. Is it just me or has Adobe really slowed down in releasing new "Golly-Gee-Wiz" technology lately? I've been waiting a couple years now for that new tool that makes everyone's jaw drop! Something new, something we've never seen before. One of the reasons for the subscription photographer's package was for them to be able to get us the updates without having to wait that 18 months or whatever. Will it be just minor tweaks now?

  10. What is the real story behind why Facebook took out the publish feature within Lightroom. I also had the Instagram third party app and it no longer works. WHY?

  11. Very helpful. Thanks.

  12. Thank you Matt. Always wait for your "What's New" videos before updating.

  13. The book module is crippled by linking it to Blurb. Adobe just wants to milk it customers instead of providing them with a real tool that can be used with any service. Please let us customize page sizes and formats.

  14. Thanks, Matt.

  15. Thanks

  16. Hi Matt
    Hope all well !!
    What a surprise to see that image,the dog is no more,he died last year.
    He was an icon along the little canals in B…………

  17. Hi Matt, Thanks for explaining these updates. LR has so much more than I use and it was great to have you remind me of some parts that I had forgotten about….as well as finding out what's new. I loved your interview on He Shoot He Draws. You have been someone I've followed for many years and I always learn so much from you.

  18. Good info! Thanks Matt.

  19. Cheers Matt… you are my new go to guy to see what's new in Lightroom. Gr8 vids!

  20. Hi a Matt from the UK, thanks for the great vids and help, learning so much from you, this may have be done or maybe just a little beneath your vids but, I’ve used lightroom for basics before but I’m just starting to really push my efforts in photography, but moving forward in sports and getting a lot more shutter time, I’m finding my basic cataloging/photo handling is very poor.

    Have you or would you do a basic lightroom start-up, from Memphis card to a sensible way to catalog and store photos, I’ve seen loads of vids but you must be dealing with so many pics, that I hope your system would be refined to say the least.

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