Top 5 Linux Video Editing Alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro

Top 5 Linux Video Editing Alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro

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In this video we explore some of the options you have available to you for Linux based video editing software. Here at Motion Array we love Premiere Pro, but we recognize that it’s not designed to work on Linux. So today we take a look at our 5 top picks for Linux safe video editing software. And this is our personal list of recommendations:

1. DaVinci Resolve
2. Lightworks
3. Blender
4. Shotcut
5. Kdenlive

So lets dive in and take a look at these Premiere Pro Linux alternatives!


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  1. Awesome info, and easy on the eyes too

  2. what software do u use for editing this video?

  3. too much talk

  4. damn well explained bro !

  5. How do you get rid of the issue where da vinci resolve doesn't preview any video and won't add them to the timeline on click and drag?

  6. Checkout olive people's You will love it.
    Btw Kdenlive is love lol

  7. It was rather hard to install CentOS compared to other Linux distros because to get it to work with Resolve, it had to be a certain way. Then I read the lengthy instructions on how to install Resolve and almost cried. I gave up. I justified this by telling myself I didn't need a racecar to get to the airport or grocery store when a taxi or old beater would do just as well…….

  8. nice review

  9. Is there anyway to import the dot cube LUTs files into blender & kdenlive, to color grade?

  10. thank you very much really interesting

  11. What he said about blender is so true, you get a 3D Box in the beginning and you are like WHAT DO I DOOO!

  12. Cool video.
    Which Video Editor did you use to edit THIS episode? 🙂

  13. DR is awsome , but not on linux!

  14. 0:08 your overdoing the smile man.

  15. 2.29 and you have not talked about the damn software…what a waste of time…

  16. For me deal breaker it is good price package for photographer (mostly non professional) but not for someone who want edit videos. After year we paid almost 300euro ! Bad it is not any video editor with good transition effect maker like premiere pro.

  17. So… Great video! I thought it was pretty neat as I've been editing on Linux for years. One thing I'd like to say is that unfortunately, not too long after the release of this video, Blender was updated with a major UI revamp that gives you a button to open an editor and the new UI overall has been substantially improved in every way. Also, Kdenlive similarly has gotten a complete code refactoring that improves stability, the way the timeline works, and that annoying codec problem. I would recommend Pitivi as well. It is an odd one I haven't used much at all but it seems to have a lot of effects and features and from what little time I've spent using it, it seems pretty stable.

  18. Thanks!

  19. would be nice to get DR running, I have a desktop that had windows on it and i was running Davinici Resolve without issue. I have loaded Linux Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and working nice. I downloaded the DaVinci_Resolve_16.1.1_Linux and put the into the folder and ran it how everyone online is showing you how to do it. I get a deb file and run that without issue and then when i start Davinici it shows in the top section like its trying to start but nothing happens. Has anyone else got it to work in this setup? thank you all in advance! Wayne

  20. The biggest limitation of DaVinciResolve is the fact that the free does neither support h264 nor aac, which are pretty much the codecs every casual camera or recording program use.

  21. thanks so much!

  22. that smile hhahahaah

  23. Davinci resolve no work in my pc because the graphic card is so old u.u

  24. Will any of this software work for GoPro Fusion 360 cameras.. (360 stitching)

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