The Last Of Us Coming To PC – It's Looking Very Likely!

The Last Of Us Coming To PC – It's Looking Very Likely!

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  1. Dude. You are way the f behind the times. Last of US part 2 is pure garbage. Stop spreading this sad game. Sony is trying to pull the wool over ppl eyes. Geehs. YOu fhucking shill.

  2. Hi: the last of us 2 is complete utter trash. Very disappointing sad.

  3. Naughty dog will make millions if they put last of us on pc just don’t put it on XBox

  4. I hope they do. I loved the first Last of Us, and even with the current leaks, I still want to play the game, but I don't have a PS4, and don't plan on buying one just to play this game.

  5. It would be smart on Sony’s part. Microsoft earning a lot of money releasing Xbox games on Pc. Mind you only hardcore pc gamers can run these games on Pc as they require serious power so not everyone playing on their moms laptops or dads desktops can play these exclusives.

  6. No word on Bloodborne for pc??

  7. Wow logic gives us the shitty part 2 but not the first game whats the fucking point playing the new one when we dont have the first one also i saw the leaks for part 2 and its fucking trash people out there cancelling their pre orders

  8. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees what a time to get out of console peasantry yes im so glad i moved to pc yes totally agree part 1 was awesome everyone should play it played it on ps3 played it on ps4 and the story is so awesome that i would play it again for the 3rd time

  9. I would buy last of us in a heartbeat

  10. I wondering if it comes to pc how is stealth gonna work? You need to push lightly on the left stick so clickers can't hear you, you can't push lightly on the w key.

  11. Drop both last of us on pc, I would fucking love that

  12. Last of Us would be THE day one buy for me.

  13. Man I really want to play the first one though….

  14. fake or real?

  15. Hope so giving nephews my ps4 pro got gaming laptop

  16. to be honest i have xbox one x and ps4 pro sitting on for last 2 yrs not even use them anymore – ever since i got gaming laptop those consoles are impossible i try to go back but the games laggy and feel so slow is impossible i spend 10min and went back to the laptop. specially when loading games in both consoles take 1-5min and in PC 6-35 seconds from turn in on game and start plaing, so i dont even know why ppl play consoles, gaming laptops start at 500-700 and still beat the shit out of both consoles easily

  17. New games are made with high end PC's and then tweaked and changed to run on console hardware, so the line between PC and console starting to fade

  18. this video was on my birthday hmm, interesting

  19. I will do suicide for all you guys to get a pc port

  20. I've watched this video 3 times now…I would scream out of happines if they really do bring The Last of Us to PC!!!!

  21. they will make more money, so why make pc gamers wait so long

  22. even without the games pc is allways gonna be the most flexible platform so its a cherry on top of the pc gaming cake.

  23. I'm assuming TLOU2 no MP in release it could be cross platform in the making for PC and Ps5 MP? Hmmmm.

  24. if the last of us part 2 come to pc

    I'll drop my degree.

  25. It cant't be on pc [Confirmed info]

  26. This could also just be because next gen is gonna get raytracing so lets not get hyped too much guys

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