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  1. Any update info in 2020 on tethering ?

  2. Does not allow a copy to the camera card. Why?

  3. Much better training than the last. Which live view software would you recommend other than Lightroom for tethering?

  4. Can we Tether and Save a Copy To Camera card also?

  5. Is there anyway to have a "live" slide show, for like an event? Take a picture, picture is displayed for a few seconds (on a tv screen or projector), and then gets added to a slideshow that is continuously updating/playing. We have an event in a few months and I'd love to take photos during the event and have them displayed (as a slideshow) for all the guests to see……

  6. Thank you Terry….. great job and tutorial.

  7. Hi Terry. This video helped me out a lot. Thank you. I have a question: what is that cube-shaped piece attached to the L bracket on the left side of your camera, where the cable is entering from the bottom? I'm looking for a cable attachment solution for my D850 and all the current Tether Tools options are decent but not exactly right for how I work. Trying to make my own. But what is that box on your camera? I didn't see anything like that on the current Tether Tools website. What you have looks elegant.

  8. waiting for live view:(, i cant move the aperture in the menu bar

  9. Hi Terry..If third party software companies like control my Nikon can have live view why can’t adobe? It doesn’t seem to be Nikons fault after all…hummmm

  10. Thank you

  11. Thank you this is a great tutorial.

  12. Good refresher for me.,, Brilliant idea to add the Development and Cropping ability.
    Shame they did not put back the Live Slideshow like there was in 2015
    you can run a slideshow on the other screen but you need to keep restarting the slideshow to pick the latest images.

  13. Can you only import Jpeg files during photoshoot? Not raw files?

  14. Still no live view ADOBE! I mean SERIOUSLY ADOBE No… Live… View?

  15. Can the adjustments be made for the colour checker passport and maintained when tethering

  16. I guess you have a L bracket with something on it that covers and protects the tether cable in your camera?

  17. I'm preparing to digitize thousands of family photos, negatives and slides. A desktop scanner would take a lifetime. This is exactly what I needed to know to setup a productive workflow with my Canon 5D Mark III. I'm off to the races. Thank you.

  18. Hi Terry. I watched the whole of this video waiting for you to tell us how to use live view tethering. I want to see my food photography on the big screen before I shoot. Is there no live viewing options? Garry UK

  19. I have been trying to find out if Lightroom Classic can support live view. Does anyone know? And is so how? Thanks

  20. Thank you, so much….excellent tutorial

  21. Can you write to the cameras card while tethered?

  22. Thank you so much. I follow and go to your videos quite often… Could you do a video on the best way to tether for on sopt printing for events… Thanks… #bestTEACHER

  23. good morning Terry. how are you? your advise is CORRECT. I reformatted my OS 10.15 beta back to OS X 10. 14. I am now able to thether capture using Lr Classic 8.3.1 from a Nikon D5600 firmware 1.02. thank you very much. have a God bless day.

  24. Good evening Terry. How are you?  I was meaning to ask you about thether shooting. I’m thinking of buying a D5600 Nikon. I brought my MacBookPro running OS X 10.15  (beta version) named Catalina; and my laptop that is loaded with the software Lr Classic CC that’s on a trial subscription for 14 days to a Nikon showroom to test if the D5600 is compatible with Lr Classic CC for thether shooting. We  selected File—> Thether Capture —> Start Thether Capture. The software is not able to detect the camera and a box shows that the software is trying  to connect  to the camera. I thought it might be a cable issue; so we tried downloading the images using File —> Import Photos and Video  of Lr Classic CC; and we are able to download the images taken from by camera that’s stored in the SD card. This means nothing is wrong with the cable. 

    I did all of this  together with a product specialist from Nikon (ThinkDarhma Inc. ) 

    I’m residing in Manila, Philippine. So far Adobe chat is not able to help me solve this issue. 

    Do you have a suggestion? 

    Thanks for the help.

  25. Thanks Terry as a newbie to tethering this is very helpful.

  26. So has LR Classic discontinued? When will LR CC have all the features we had before? People are switching to Capture 1.

  27. When can we expect to see live view in Lr?

  28. The multi-camera feature is exactly what I googled today to find your video! Up until now I've been switching cameras and cables back and forth and back again. Just today I thought, "I wonder if there's a workaround…"

  29. Hi everyone! So can I tether my sony a7ii to lightroom???

  30. Damn, I couldnt have known most of these features without your video! That CMD + T to hide the bar though, damn! haha

  31. Hi Terry liked your video, just wondering what the black thing that is holding your Tethering cable into your camera?

  32. What do I need to do to get it to save to both d7000 and lightroom

  33. why can't tethered in lightroom wiz canon eos r?

  34. When you changed the aperture value in the tether bar, the shutter speed value didn't change. Does the tether bar show the actual camera settings, or the values shown are only accurate for the items that can be changed?

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