Teen Titans – Beast Boy vs Adonis

Teen Titans – Beast Boy vs Adonis

Robin and Cyborg follow Beast Boy back into the sewers – to encounter actually two were beasts brutally fighting each other. Initially, the other were beast overwhelms Beast Boy, violently beating and throwing him about the sewers while taking no damage in return. After smashing him through the floor and into a lower level of the sewers, the other were beast begins mercilessly beating the incapacitated Beast Boy until he seems to have been killed. As the foe turns away, Beast Boy manages to recover himself and later subdue his opponent, who turns back into his true self upon losing consciousness: Adonis, who had broken into the tower to attack Beast Boy. Raven became a casualty, leading Beast Boy to instinctively try to get Raven out of harms way. It was that moment when the others found the two, they thought Beast harmed her when in reality he rescued her.

Episode: The Beast Within
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