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  1. wasn't Bill Gates the founder of google?

  2. Cool interview, Bill seems like a really great guy.

  3. __Bill Gates__/😍😍

  4. A cold chill came down my spine

  5. Scary…

  6. OMG! You actually chatted with Bill Gates for an entire 12 minutes ! 😯

  7. Did you find out why Bill and other CEO’s stepped down right before the virus blew up?

  8. Bill is a piece of shit and should get shot, i'm not kidding, if you knew what this man stood behind, u wouldn't even think twice before agreeing.

  9. Millennials are so awful at interviewing. It's incredibly annoying to see his impatience while waiting for the interviewee to finish their response. Can't be one second without emitting a sound. You're talking with freaking Bill Gates, man. No one cares about what you have to say or your vacuous questions.

  10. interview with a sychopath..this sicko wants to kill off billions of people for his new world order agenda

  11. 9:42 to 9:52 "we won't do the hard things that will save things for the next generation" watch how he looks at the camera when he says this. Disgusting depopulation advocate produced man-made virus to reduce population. Nice hiding in plain sight tactic. This isn’t “conspiracy” by the way. Bill Gates funded a pandemic simulation Event 201 just months ago that just happened to use a Corona virus and Bill Gates owns a patent for Corona Virus and its vaccine. Don’t be surprised if there are forced vaccines created by Gates himself to enact volunteered silent mass genocide. I’m not an anti vaxxer either, I got every vaccine there is, but when you look at Bill Gates’ past with massive push for Eugenics and depopulation to reduce oxygen consumption and earth sustainability, it becomes more clear that there is more behind this man than people are willing to believe. Look up Bill Gates and his association with Jeffrey Epstein also, they were friends and in pictures together AFTER Epstein was convicted for sex crimes and Bill was trying to deny even just association after it was documented, this alone should make you suspicious.

  12. Fake fake
    Dont trust this man

  13. This man is against humanity

  14. if u close ur eyes ur in waveform podcasts

  15. 25 Secs to 27 Secs 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  16. Ask him we're he hides after he speads the virus

  17. I thought people would talk more about how much co2 making an electric car produces and how the infrastructure isn't there yet. Mercedes came out with their first fully electric SUV EQC and Audi with their E-tron and they had to slow down the production because they can't produce so many batteries etc. A lot of problems with electric cars and the infrastrucutre, yet neither Marques or Bill mentioned it. I expected more from this interview.

  18. fuck YOU AND BILL

  19. Bill Gates says “ahhhh” every other sentence lol

  20. He’s a demon! He created the corona virus and he’s a child molester !!

  21. Meanwhile co vid 19 wipes out planet and billy boy flees to his bunker.

  22. My dad once met Bill…

    He’s a military soldier, and he was a guard for the general that had to talk to Bill Gates about a military design for a weapon… He didn’t go along with building the weapon, but it did allow my dad the chance to shake his hand back in the 90s!

  23. They think lack of codes are good

  24. Because of mechanical industrialization of oversight

  25. There's the good devil and the bad devil one writes programs code life codes and the other erases it from existences

  26. At the Chelsea hotel

  27. Like Dylan on his early days

  28. I want to hear Opera singing from the street busker collective

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  32. Vaccines and global warming…..

  33. Fam you talked to bill gates and musk bro you lit 🔥 💯

  34. Is this the Same Bill Gates that Funded the Creation of the Coronavirus…?
    What Biotech Labs are being Funded by Bill Gates…?
    Bill Gates for Population Control…? Germ Games…? War Games in Wuhan China…?
    Bill Gates for Profit, Power and an Experiment…? How many will die before his Lab releases the Vaccine that is on Standby…?

  35. Worked for BillG for 5 years. Cool guy!

  36. no

  37. We, as citizens of world should come together to ask the governments and multi-national companies to start funding medical research.


  39. 11:29 that’s crazy 🤯 he’s acting like he doesn’t know

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