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  1. Hi all! I have made a newer improved version of this tutorial:
    Hope you like it!

  2. Follows me is deze guest dutch

  3. Helpful. Thanks

  4. I get a weird watery effect after I do the time interpolation ?

  5. Thanks, I'm a beginner in video editing and it helps me thank you very much ! 🙂

  6. You're awesome

  7. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but when I add the final slowed-down clip to my original sequence with all my other clips (Different frame rate) the clip itself is tiny… how do I fix this?

  8. this was so incredibly helpful thank you

  9. how do you make the audio catch up with the video??? pleasee helpppp

  10. I dont get. Same keyframes, mine are some weird split keyframes 🤔

  11. Perfect tutorial for me.

  12. Thanks, this was superduper useful and well made!

  13. Thank you so much for showing me this…because of this I made a promo look so much better with my football team!! i was strugging to learn how to do it, but your video got me going…you rock!!!!


  15. Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful!

  16. i realy need this type of content thanks alot


  18. Respected sir,
    Plz make a video of ur orange logo shoes use in this video .

  19. Awesome! Thank you

  20. I like this. Thanks for sharing. I also subscribed your channel. Can you also help me? Below link is a short display of a light ban I saw online. I think they used Particular in After Effects to create it, but I cannot figure out how it is done. Will appreciate your teaching.

  21. Love your tutorials. You explained how to do this effect way much better than anyone on the web. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Can you use the Rate Stretch took to re sync the audio and the video?

  23. @orange83 how do you sync the audio with it as well

  24. Thanks for this so helpful

  25. good indian accent

  26. When you edit the video clip the audio is not synced, how can I do that?

  27. thanks. i needed this for a school project sports commercial

  28. But how do you make the audio catch up with the video???

  29. Thanks, Jesus Bless

  30. Dropped a like and subscribe! This video was very informative and easy to understand. Thank you!

  31. I'm trying to do it with audio but the audio doesn't gradually slow down with the video, is there any way to fix this?

  32. why is it when I slowdown the video track the audio is not changed? how to do that?

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  34. Nice tutorial mate! very clear and good pacing. well done 🙂

  35. You sound like Tiësto haha

  36. cheers mate

  37. you didnt make this

  38. there's nothing happened when i pressed enter key tho

  39. Klinkt Nederlands?

  40. thanks a lot

  41. Great tutorial, right on point!

  42. If you can only shoot slow mo in 240fps can you scale it down to 120 fps in premier pro?

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