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  1. the end was adorable!

  2. The intro tho they most definitely petty

  3. Sounds like he is sort of cowardish

  4. I'm glad that Drake made music for Rihanna about their relationship. I'm glad she was upset about the lyrics. Drake is doing just what Taylor Swift would do. Write songs for his lost bitches. Lol. 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡

  5. When is Rihanna gonna have a kid

  6. Why does Drake have to publicly announce that he has a son? Why can't he just take care of his son like a responsible adult? These thirsty women smh

  7. i'm so mad!

  8. "were hearing" wtf hahaha

  9. Can someone tell me what song is used for the background?

  10. Pusha T put you on blast, now you're saying that you're relieved that you don't have to keep it a secret? 😒

  11. sucks to have a kid with someone your not in ive with, just a hook up

  12. He didn't want that baby or to claim em.

  13. 500th comment teeheehee

  14. Bottom line there are things that are right and things that are should you man up and take care of your child yes / but do drake Actully loves his child no I don't think so in the end he is gonna spin him as another publicity stunt like with his father and personally I don't think he loves his father either in reality that child only has his mothers love all drake is doing is just giving money to make sure he is taken care off

  15. Lol. If you gonna have sex with a woman you barely knew then use fucking condoms. Simple as that it's not fucking rocket science. #Dumb typical scorpion shit


  17. I don’t think hi did coz he wanted he did it to protect Adonis


  19. Lol what a piece of shit he denied his own child. Hated that bitch since he was jimmy the cripple 💩

  20. This dude is selfish and only admitting it now cause Pusha T exposed tf outta him.

  21. she doesen't care bout him jo more don't clickbait

  22. I guess Keke is not going to love him again

  23. This dude could've had a kid with Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez, but nah he went for the sloppy ass pornstar. That roast beef is probably beat to shit, not to mention possible stds… smh

  24. Rihanna is not looking good what's wrong?

  25. Drake is and always will be a lame lol

  26. How much of this is just made up?

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  28. Why do celebrities all give their children such stupid fucking names. Go for something classical or new but not so excessive. Adonis is such an over the top name.

  29. The babies middle name is Mahgbed ( or something like that)
    “ I only love Maghbeg and my momma “….. y’all been singing about his son… Pusha T wasn’t the reason … the positive DNA was the reason..

  30. The more I hear about Drake's baby, the more I dislike Drake's abay mama…

  31. you are the best youtuber i think you need and desirv more subs and views and 👍 love you so so much

  32. “She said do you love me I tell her only partly, I only love my kid and momma I’m sorry.”

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