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  1. Hi,
    Could you tell me how I can enlarge the TITLE "viewing rectangle" within the grey area?
    I opened an old video project (low rez), and I want to edit a title but it is so small that I cannot read it.

  2. is there a way to have audio convert text in a rolling title/credits?

  3. Informative and helpful

  4. thanks, this was helpful 

  5. Your speaking is so so clear. Thank you so much!

  6. Straight goods, awesome video. Thank you

  7. Thank you for all these wonderful bits and pieces .. !

  8. Thanks a lot! You explain so good!

  9. I'm sure there is an award to win for correcting me on using grammar the way I intended to use it. =]

  10. Teaching*

  11. thx a lot. i learned 2 new thinks 🙂

  12. Great, but the only thing i dont get is how when u decided what text u want to put u put it on the video -_-

  13. Thank you!!!!

  14. Great job Andrew. A brisk tour, hitting the essentials — very well worth the time.

  15. Yes, in the panel menu (top right icon in the panel) towards the bottom there is an option to add safe margins which will give you a set of margins over your video

  16. Thanks <3333

  17. Perfect! Thanks a lot. You're learning me how to run this beast. 🙂

  18. Great tutorial, thanks


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