Photoshop CC 2017 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]*

Photoshop CC 2017 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]*

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning Adobe Photoshop CC Release 2017. Photoshop CC 2017 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
Full Guide here:
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  1. Thank you very much sir! This video really helped me get started! God bless!

  2. a very novice person like me would like to share appreciation to your great help.

  3. Sir mujhe news editing training and liyears 7903264443

  4. thanks

  5. In Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, in the New Document window the Width, Height and other fields are made such that when you drag the numbers partially, it always interprets that as dragging all the numbers. There is no possibility of dragging only part of the numbers in the field and not all of them together. Even dragging only one number is the function of dragging all of the numbers. It was perfectly fine in the normal way. It's very stupid to make this kind of changes to programs, which are intentionally made and significant. They do not happen by coincidence.

  6. I think this is too short and straight to the point. As a beginner some parts doesnt make sense. Great Vid tho

  7. how can I download photoshop?

  8. Alt + scroll wheel = zoom in/zoom out
    Space + drag = move
    Ctrl + Alt + z = undo/step backward
    Shift + Alt + z = redo/step forward

    Ctrl + x = cut
    Ctrl + c = copy
    Ctrl + v = paste

    Top pannel – edit – transform – scale

    Save as: PSDT = save as a photoshop file with all layers and their properties
    Save as: JPG = no visible transparent pixels (appears as white background)
    Save as: PNG = transparent pixels saved

  9. That was really a good tutorial.
    but its too much basic, I want little more advance or little more pro photoshop tutorial

  10. Laughing so hard that I can't even breathe, let alone try to follow along. Voice is just too much. Laughing so hard I am literally crying!!!

  11. GORSH

  12. how to download photoshop cc 2017

  13. ur explenation is not so good. like how all of the sudden u have 2 pics of grecee? ur going fast like we know what are u talking about. on to the next one. Ur not for beginers

  14. im senior dev , start learning photoshop for fun , this photoshop is too much lele

  15. GAWRSH

  16. Who was the guy that voiced scooby doo again?

  17. im from greece xD by the way thanks for the help 😉

  18. You sound like my grandma

  19. THANK YOU this helped me a lot

  20. full guide in 15 min?

  21. Where is part 2

  22. A very helpful episode to get up and running within no time! Thank you!

  23. yo this guy sounds like that old squid dude on Monsters University

  24. how to install photoshop cc in CD ..
    please make one video…
    i am new hare….


  26. Thank you for your great efforts. I am from Egypt and learned a lot from you

    Thank you for your great efforts. I am from Egypt and learned a lot from you

  27. this is very useful

  28. Thanks Goofy.

  29. the fitness gram pacer test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues

  30. Like from me for using ancient architecture for examples 🙂

  31. Very helpful! Thanks

  32. I am trying to open a 12 x 12 layer and color it blue, After 3 months I still can't do it and this video doesn't help. The simplest thing and nothing I do works, it just stays WHITE. Why in the hell do you NOT GET a simple little book in the mail with instructions that would cost about 5 cents to make!!!!!!!!!! You pay 20 dollars a month for this and you only have access to OUT OF DATE , SHIT VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. So is this the software that you can buy or just a tutorial

  34. it says complete thats a lie he doesnt show how to import an image

  35. Thanks, this is so useful, for me

  36. don't talk like a robot


  38. nice

  39. can i use photoshop to create restaurant menus?

  40. got one thing to improve on change that stupid voice and use your own voice

  41. Please offer transcripts for downloading. Thanks!

  42. This tutorial is for Adobe Photoshop 6

  43. this video isnt teaching anything i want to learn

  44. When I click and drag from the Open pop up for the picture, it doesn't drag onto the white page.
    And how can you just assume that we've got two layers. I don't even know how to add two layers. You didn't show that step. And this was supposed to be a beginners class

  45. KARLIE KLOSS please shut the fuck up

  46. Why are you talking like a phone bot

  47. sir chota sa version ka bane ke dalo

  48. first video on youtube in 4k

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