Optimizing Photos in Lightroom CC 2015

Optimizing Photos in Lightroom CC 2015

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Would you like to learn to better understand how to approach your photos and achieve the best results using the Develop module in Lightroom? If so, you won’t want to miss this presentation by Tim Grey. You’ll gain insights into a workflow for optimizing your photos that focuses on the photo itself, to help you achieve your vision for each image.

Tim Grey Learning

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  1. Wow it's really great lightroom tutorial. I'll remember Tim Grey.

  2. I've always tended to adjust highlights/shadows before the whites/blacks but you are doing it the other way around. Is there any benefit in doing it one way or the other?

  3. Very good and astonishingly complete introduction to lightroom. Thanks, Tim Grey and BH!

  4. Thank you for a great video, although, I was quite disappointed that you didn't do anything at all on the tone curve.

  5. Informative video! Thank you.

  6. Tim Grey = instant watch

  7. After getting stuck on Mars. Matt Damon went to photography as a career change.

  8. I really like your lectures Mr. Grey. You are really good at teaching.With regards

  9. Excelent use of the example images; "sharp", precise, get to the point way of Tim on how to use Lightroom, looking forward for more videos like this one, keep the great work Tim, thanks B&H very usefull

  10. Is their a work around for not having the haze slider in the (standalone 6.6) version of LR?

  11. Thank you, Tim, for the excellent presentation. Always more to learn… Thanks to B&H for hosting this!

  12. Yeah! Another Tim Grey video. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. The secret word is learn how to "Evaluate a Photo" then it becomes easy how to use all the sliders in Lightroom.

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