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  1. these companies all going crazy making 1000e+ phones, I'm assuming they only target rich people. I mean, who in their straight mind would spend almost a month's wage, on a pocket device? it doesn't matter the performance, the specs, the brand, nothing matters when a gadget costs as much as traveling somewhere far away for a week or two; or a desk PC; there are just way too many necessary and useful things you can do with 1200e, healthy and memorable investments, than to spend it all in one phone which you can drop or get stolen.

  2. That charging animation looks awesome

  3. I really like that phone. But I don't have enough money to buy 😢 . because I'm still studying 😢 Hoping, someday I have phone like that . 🙏🏻

  4. I have an Oppo Reno Z. Such an amazing phone for the low price of $500. 8GB of ram, loads of storage (I personally have 128GB), the camera isn't the best for zooming but it's great for close-ups. It also has a charge time of an hour that lasts all day.

  5. Can it fit on Osmo mobile 3?

  6. Can you send me some of youre phones please 🙏🙏🙏

  7. could a smartphone last for 10 years

  8. Who was your cellular carrier?

  9. Bro do the camera comparison between MI 10 pro,oppo find x2 pro, Samsung s20 ultra

  10. Y don't mobile companies understand that there are many users who want 18:9 aspect ratio.. Nobody wants a foot ruler in the name of phone

  11. Wish I could have one.

  12. I like the camera placement of oppo find x2 pro….

  13. Please can you make a camera comparison between iPhone 11 Pro max, oppo find X2 pro

  14. Punch hole camera.. aaand €1200 eh? Guys, go for the Oppo Reno 10x zoom instead. Got the 8/256 gb model for €400 two weeks ago and it's great lol. You don't need 5G and the 10x zoom is already powerful enough to play most gc & wii games on dolphin in 1080p. What more do you want?

  15. Oppo camera looks way better than samsung

  16. Who on earth could care about unboxing experience? Why? I just need good phone and I do not care about unboxing… omg…

  17. s20 ultra battery looks big, 5000mah sure, but on reality is really bad. Oppo one last longer 😉

  18. What's his real name?

  19. I did some research and found out that the oppo find x2 pro does last almost up to 8hrs on QHD+ @ 120hz.

  20. If oppo had continue its "bezelless" phone without a punch hole, it beats all other phone's screen.

  21. The S20 Ultra camares are better.

  22. @mrwhosetheboss is literally the best Tech Youtuber

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