My workflow… | Adobe Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

My workflow… | Adobe Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

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Hey everyone,

This is all about how I manage my files from capture to completion, through processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I run through imports via SD cards and tethering, cataloguing photos, sorting the best ones and exporting final edits. I cover a lot, so if you’ve got questions just shout in the comments!

If you like my images and want to know more about how I edit, just ask! 🙂



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Panasonic G80/G85:
Nikon D750:
Tamron 24-70:
Panasonic 20mm:
Panasonic Telephoto:
Canon G9X:
Red camera strap:
Shotgun Mic:
Hard Drives:
Video Lights:
Video/selfie tripod:
Small video Light:
Tiny Softbox:
Lav Mic:


‘Adjustments’ by David Cutter (


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  1. Height of building/Distance to building=Height difference from the camera to the top of your model/distance to your model, use this to make the right perspective. For lighting, you match the compass angles of the two shots as well as the time of day and the same weather conditions 🙂 I hope this might help in the future

  2. WOW. That shower cap looked like terrible CGI. I'm so happy with how your videos look now

  3. How many copies of each photo u take on each drive? Do u save original raw, lightroom edited raw, psd and exported file?

  4. Hi James, This may sound like a really simple question to ask but what size is a jpeg that is 'the right size for Instagram'? How do you go about then posting it to Instagram? Do you export it to google drive and then post it from your Smartphone? Thanks in advance and love the videos man! Tom

  5. Must say, knowing how to apply your own high-pass filter is a great tool! Minimal loss in quality and the maximum sharpness where applicable.

  6. Thanx for this vid. It helped me a lot

  7. One thing I do with folders in lightroom, is to start with the year and then Q1, Q2 Q3 and Q4 inside of that (where they are equal to the quarters of the year)…then named folders inside each, keywords are a secondary thing, as this way saves a lot of searching… can just quickly scan through each quarter as usually you will have at least an idea which month you should be looking at.

  8. You should mention and show more of your Instagram stuff. I've been watching you for a while now and wondering 'where are the photos?' You're entertaining but as viewers, we want that money shot. I just checked your Instagram and it's stunning but the only element of that that comes across in your videos is the humour. If you created videos like this that showed the whole creation process of your images with a money shot payoff of an instagram pic it would be a must click event because your images are so multi-layered: funny, insightful, beautiful and tell a story. Anyway, thought I'd mention.

  9. I know this is an old video and don't really expect an answer but do you keep your catalog directly on the external all the time then? Could you go through the hardware side of what you use desktop, laptop etc?

    I think you should redo the "Photography in Nature" video, I was pretty excited for that.

  10. Yo – I've got some decent Photoshop experience, but I'd really love you to go into how you make composites really blend nicely, in terms of the edges and the shadows they create – looked like you were adding some shadow somehow around the edge of the shower cap?

  11. What do you think about using cloud storage instead of a 2nd hard drive?

  12. excuse my ignorance but why save in tiff?

  13. Doing some audio fades in-between clips will reduce that popping sound. You make awesome videos, but I notice every time.

  14. Hey man, great video! Whats your thoughts on the new Lightroom? I'm not finding the folder structure great!

  15. Hey James,

    Great videos, keep them coming!

    Maybe you could give me some advice. I've been using Lightroom pretty much exclusively (except I wanted to remove something and then I would use Photoshop). I've seen you're video about High-pass sharpening and I've been wondering – if I take the images directly from LR into PS, will the automatic sharpening still be applied? If so, is there any way to get around this besides creating a new file, opening it in PS and then importing it into LR?

    Thanks again!

  16. Thanks so much…Love your videos…

  17. Kudos, man! This video was quite an eye-opener for me. I'm in the stage where I often delete pictures by mistake and keep losing my projects in the sea of all other project folders. I'll definitely try cataloging them by date and see how that works out.

    Also, I was confused when you said that you export in different sizes for social media etc. because I always export pictures to the biggest size and upload that everywhere.

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