Modern Warfare 2: Skidrow Gameplay (61-1)

Modern Warfare 2: Skidrow Gameplay (61-1)

Ground War Domination on Skidrow. Final Score: 61-1

Weapons: FAMAS/ AA-12 Extended Mags
Perks: Scavenger Pro/ Stopping Power Pro/ Ninja Pro
Killstreaks: Harrier/ Pave Low/ Chopper Gunner

If you want to get A LOT of kills, I recommend trying these killstreaks out. Getting 7 straight kills is hard to do sometimes, but when you get all 3 killstreaks, your kills will sky rocket.

As you’ll seen in this video, I like to “fall back” to my team whenever I’m using one of my killstreaks and whenever I feel like I’m getting rushed too hard. Never be scared to run away. You have a team, which means you don’t have to be Superman trying to kill every single person you see. It’s ok to fall back and to let your team help you out. Once you fall back, the enemy will most likely come to get you. That’s when having a good team comes in handy and they will back you up so you won’t feel like you’re the only one on the team.



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  1. Watching this in 2020 and its crazy how i thought the graphicis in this game couldnt get any better when i was 14.

  2. Call of Duty needs to bring this map back so bad

  3. I loved this map. It was a very creative map

  4. Nailed it. Definitely need to remaster this map!

  5. Anyone here after the new MW release ? Still prefer mw2

  6. That's annoying camping gameplay but the game itself is just beyond being awesome. Top 5 games ever made

  7. 2019 😢😭

  8. I miss these days

  9. This is why CoD really needs to establish skill categories and place players in groups of equal competence (determined mostly by players' kill/death ratio). I can't believe I might one day be set up against someone like this guy!

  10. Loved skidrow

  11. Play the objective

  12. you're too campy for me lol

  13. i love this game so much still play it i just want the cheating to stop if you cant play this game right this game isnt for you

  14. I love this video, MarkOfJ you rock man.

  15. nice video mark of j

  16. I miss this map

  17. everytime i watch one of these clips online i be looking for my name being on the other team or something, as much as i played this game i have to be in somebodies video.

  18. the detail of the stages in mw2 were phenomenal…who ever made these def deserves some type of life time achievement award or something.

  19. This deserves way more views.

  20. Im watching this in 2015. Craving that mw2 nostalgia

  21. Es duelo a muerte o es dominación? xDD

  22. MW2 is the best COD by far but noobtubers do my head in haha

  23. Why don't u comentate

  24. cool

  25. his play style is so different back then

  26. the same class like elotrix … plays like elotrix … low !!!

  27. have u got hacks

  28. skidrow is the best

  29. You should repost these vids with commentary

  30. the famas is delicious in mw2

  31. look at you J you almost camped bro 😀

  32. 6:47 .. we lost the weed?

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