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  1. you got a good eye

  2. h

  3. Kinldy share the exact dimensions of art-board to design an app compatible for both IOS and Android. I mean a native app

  4. Can someone suggest a name for education app or E-learning app? It's for my portfolio project.

  5. Will you do some tutorial vor beginners?

  6. You take care of the smallest details in order to teach us it, and not like the rest of the Youtube who cut the work and do not understand exactly how the steps were taken …… Thank you very much♡♡♡♡

  7. 📦

  8. Thank you, the video was so useful.

  9. You are the best Dansky! I love all your tutorials.

  10. I need help please. I'm unable to mask the image because I do not have the functionality on Windows. This is so unfair. I seriously need help. Please🙏

  11. nice tutorial

  12. Your voice is ASMR to my ears.

  13. Great Explanation!!! Thanks A Lot.

  14. Hou to use app ui ??

  15. Your bad 😍

  16. This is what we called it "TEACHING".

    Thank you. I learnt a few amazing things this time!

  17. Hey! Could I use Adobe Portfolio to create a UX/UI STUDENT portfolio??

  18. For this moment at 21:15 , I would definitely say that you really have a great sense of imagination and figuring out the solution simply by mathematical way

  19. Great tutorial. I swear you make it a lot easier than it actually is.

  20. Hi Dansky, thanks for the tutorial!

    Just a quick question, what software do you use for desktop recording? I'm using QuickTime, but it seems very slow.

  21. Animate it in Adboe xd…not everyone has protopie!

  22. Awesome, thanks for fantastic tut!

  23. Terima kasih, paklik Bule. (Thanks, uncle Bule)

  24. Hello Dan. Thx for the great video. I have a question about Text Weights. How can I add more text weights like the ones you have. I am using windows version. No Book weight is available.

  25. Love your this video dude
    I learned so much this from this video
    Thanks again
    Want more tutorial 😉

  26. You are a champ brother. You made the whole thing so effortless and easy.

  27. Nice tutorial… but can u tell me how ur video have motion blur type effects it’s good 😀😀😀 how u did that

  28. very cool sir and this is help me a lot
    anyway how do get that smooth cursor effects? O.o its so cool

  29. I don’t get it, can’t this be done in illustrator instead? I’ve never used XD before and I’m just wondering what’s its purpose? What makes it worth it?

  30. SIGN UP btn not centered. Drives me crazy

  31. Love it

  32. Can't do all this in Photoshop?

  33. Nice video THANKS 🙂


  35. One of the rarest tutorials that i could watch completely with part 2 , keep this work going on Dansky

  36. what program are you using for recording? Why do you mouse move so smoothly?

  37. You should be teaching at Harvard brother great sense of explanation

  38. This was great tutorial and the more importantly u did it for free!

  39. amazing tutorial! Congrats, and thank you!

  40. Loved your video! Keep up the good work 🙂

  41. Thank you, I like the way you talk and explain 🙂

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