Mastering Lightroom Classic CC: 1 – Quick Start

Mastering Lightroom Classic CC: 1 – Quick Start

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This is Episode 1 of, Mastering Lightroom Classic CC. In this video, I introduce myself, talk about the series in general, then import, process and export an image.

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  1. Thank you

  2. Why didn't you use an image with plenty of color in it so we can easily see the changes you are making? The tiger would have been much better. It's very hard to see changes in a basically mono-color image.

  3. This is one of the finest YouTube videos I’ve ever seen. For a brand new lightroom user, it was incredibly useful and informative.

  4. Excellent, easy to follow and understand. Thanks for explaining and showing every detail.

  5. Thank you very much Great tutorial

  6. That was wonderful! I'm just retired and have never edited and image before. I just bought a standalone Lr 6 version so now I have an idea what to do. I'm going to look at your website to see if you have any info about cropping and also look for other Lr tutorials in the series. I want to learn the effects of images after cropping as I'm concerned about the after effects of an enlarged photo that has been cropped that I may want to hang on a wall. Thank you again so well done, clear and concise and most important you having the kindness to share without charging fees and truly helping those that wish to learn and improve their skills.

  7. Great tutorial. I learned more about LR from you today in 43:00 than four years at the Art Institute. Thank you so much for sharing! Too bad my instructors didn't have your knowledge. Not only that, you didn't charge 53K for the instructions. I am a subscriber and plan to view all your tutorials. Have a safe and blessed New Year 2020! J.J.

  8. whats your email

  9. Wow! This is by far the BEST tutorial on YouTube! Thank you so much!!

  10. Great video, I learned a few things.

  11. thank you!!! this is so amazing and amazing shortcuts 😀

  12. Been using Lightroom for many years but still picked one or tow tips

  13. So good. Thank you!!

  14. very helpful……

  15. Learned a lot. Thank you so much!


  17. @

  18. Thank you Anthony. This is more Detail and easy to learn .

  19. Mind blowing hats off

  20. I have bad vision, how do you make the panels enlarge like that?

  21. Many thanks. This was a great introductory lesson. I'm totally new to all this. Now I have an idea where to start.

  22. This is very helpful. Thanks Anthony

  23. I have a problem with moving photos. I created a collection. When I created the collection I had one photo that represented what I wanted to put in the collection. Call the Collection flower. Now I want to add to that collection. I've seen several videos where they simply click on the image(s) they want to add to the collection and drag them to the collection. I can't find a way to do that. I'm in Library with thumbnails in a grid. I click on the image I want and the surrounding changes to a lighter gray. I take that to mean I've selected the image. I click and hold the left button on the image again and try to drag it, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong. I'm running Win 10 and Lightroom Classic. Both are up to date.

  24. Kudos to you Anthony! I've just started Photography and this video saved my day. I'm kind of slow in learning and this video allows me to learn according to my pace.

  25. Thank you so much. I have even taken notes on the shortcuts which I didn't previously know. Your videos make the £9.99 PM worth paying.

  26. Thanks for the great video, I learned many things I will watch all the series, and I will share with my friends.

  27. Its very valuable. This is first vedio sucha along i have watched thoroughly. Ur voice is clear and loud. Ur way to explain is great. Love from India.

  28. Thanks so much for a very informative video

  29. Very helpful video, great short cut keys I didnt know about.. still getting use to lightroom.

  30. Thanks A Lot You Save MAAA TIME N' MAA MONEY

  31. many thanks!

  32. Fantastic video! Thank you very much!

  33. Great series, I have been using Lightroom since its inception (beta) and you continue to show more things that can be done with it with each video. I photograph a myriad of items for an Etsy website and often encounter different editing issues which your videos have shown how to correct and enhance my images. Thank you again for your videos and for sharing your knowledge.

  34. very good video, thank you

  35. Thanks. I learned a lot as I am just beginning. Impressive video. While I have many questions, I suspect to discover an answer or two in the following videos in your series. You exceed expectations. Certainly those of mine.

  36. Thank You So Much Great Tutorials

  37. This was great to review why I bought lightroom – its amazing what I have forgotten over time – just shows how a workflow can also "blind" you to alternative methods. That was a VERY enjoyable watch – many many thanks for your time investment.

  38. Super video on Lightroom Classic CC! I'm still learning details and appreciate the time you take to explain things clearly. So many other instructors tend to assume everyone knows various small details about the program. Thanks for your time and help! I will be watching all of your videos on Lightroom Classic CC.

  39. Great stuff. Learned a whole lot

  40. Best tutorial ever

  41. This is brilliant Anthony! Thanks for sharing FREE!

  42. THANKS

  43. Thanks for your training. Really useful!


  45. About four months ago I got a new computer. After that I had a ton of problems with Lightroom 6. I have now decided to start Lightroom Classic cc. I have followed your videos thru the years with Lightroom 4, 5 and 6 and after I download Lightroom Classic will once again be using your fantastic video tutorials. You are the best at what you do and I will be looking forward to all your future tutorials.
    Thanks, David

  46. Thanks from the UK for a great tutorial. I look forward to seeing (and learning) more from you. George Mac

  47. Thank you very much for creating this tutorial. It has been very useful.

  48. You need a mortgage for lightroom you must be joking mate.

  49. Great

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