Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid 2-3🔥Rio Ferdinand Slams Adrian and klopp reaction  Match Analysis&react

Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid 2-3🔥Rio Ferdinand Slams Adrian and klopp reaction Match Analysis&react

Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid: A tale of two goalkeepers as Reds crash out of Champions League Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid (agg. 2-4): A crucial error from …


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  1. Some man for excuses

  2. No prizes for guessing who the real man of the match is 😢

  3. It doesn't matter if you played great over 90mins and still lose…

  4. Owen is a total waste as a pundit but is in good company alongside the mindblowing pundit Rio Ferdinand.

  5. Liverpool were shocking
    AM stuck to their game plan and won simple

  6. Next Tie, but there is no tie 😂😅🤣. What Michael Owen said is true, Liverpool were the better side, but it does not matter, Atletico has won, Diego simeone night not be a tactical genius, he might not have an organized tactic, but he still won.

  7. Where is shaqiri ? Should have put him in Such a good strong player, he is wasting his time, should leave Liverpool

  8. Klopp tried to hide his anger at Adrian. On the surface, he said a lot of polite words, in fact, he thought of countless cursing words.


  10. The real bottom line is…..there fucking bubble has burst because they thought they were goner go through the season unbeaten….AN UNBEATEN SEASON IS NOT FOR EVERYONE

  11. After the first leg,it was always the plan for simione to take it to extra time in 2nd leg,he knew he will conceade a goal,but only a goal,nothing more than that,and after 90 minutes,1 all on the agg,atletico was focused coz it was their plan on the other hand liverpool thought "yea we are in anfield,we'll score 3 goals in first half and win the match in 60 min",and they panicked in the later half of the extra time.
    It was all part of the plan for simione,coz thats how they play n thats why its genius.

  12. Loserpool lost to itself not atm.

  13. Owen, never, NEVER, ever, in your life, coach any team or any person ever.


  14. Absolute bitterness from Owen and Gary football is a game and there isn't one way to play it

  15. People should learn to accept defeat in football and know Anfield z like any other place
    Klop feeling salty

  16. Klopp mentioned the luck Liverpool had in previous European campaigns. The footballing Gods evened it out in this match and reduced their luck and they lost having played so well. The Gods they kill us for their sport like wanton boys kill flys. lol…….Lord of the fly's if you are wondering.

  17. Atletico Madrid did what they had to do to get the result, Liverpool played the way they know, but Liverpool's style is not incisive enough to get enough goals against Atletico and the defense has been shaky for month now. Plus Adrian in the goal.
    Love Klöpp, but we need new skilled midfield players and new tactical dimensions to be able to approach games differently.
    Tactical flexibility and faster and more accurate passing.

  18. Michael Owen is lucky he was decent at playing football otherwise he would’ve been homeless with his amount of brain cells

  19. Michael owen the athletico players will be thinking wow how have we won this, we've never seen a team like this lmfao

    Omg they play 2 of the greatest teams in history at least twice every season

    Owen is the worse pundit in history!

    Michael you can try & creep to lfc fans all.u want, they still won't forgive you for signing for utd you horrible dumb, slimey little twat

  20. Arrogant prick thinks the world owes him a trophy. Well, what goes around comes around. Remember what you did to Barca? Now Atleti did that to you.

  21. There was a word : "the best defense is the best attack".

    I never understand this statement until this match. Lol

  22. Look at them crying that their favourite team got dropped. It’s not like England played beautiful football when any of them played, dogs.

  23. Barcelona cried from 2009-2015 about teams just waiting back and countering and everyone called them bitches…Klopp does it and nobody cares. BITCH

  24. Rio drug testers are here

  25. Would’ve won that game if Romero was in goal. Best back up keeper in the world. Or even Henderson.

    Unlucky. 😝

  26. You know it’s just not your day, when that useless morata scores against you🤦‍♂️🤣

  27. 🤣🤣🤣😂

  28. Dry your eyes 😢

  29. A football manager that doesnt understand football??

    I just dont get it! Hahahhh

  30. When a genius thinks that he invented football whenever he coaches, his loses become the reflection why Klopp loses the big ONE. At least he can say he got one.

  31. Looserpool or LiVARfool hahahaha

  32. These British pundits and Klopp never did their study on Atleti's play, they always play like this even against small teams. So give credit where it's due. Oblak's performance suprised them, but I have seen games were Oblak was really tested and saved Atleti. That pressure was nothing for his standards it was just another day at the office 🤣🤣

  33. Liverpool asked for a lesson – they got it!

  34. Michael Owen is so childish and pathetic…

  35. GENIUS PERFORMANCE BY DIEGO Simeone..simple as that…no one gives a fuck about how many shots liverscum had…whats the end result ??? who is going through?? NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

  36. Valverde: It is what it is
    Klopp: It's like it is?

  37. After firmino score Liverpool shoulve beat Simeone at his own game instead they throw it away.

  38. Atletico destroyed looserpool. What a fucking overrated site this is. Getting fully dismanded by one of the best coaches in the last decade. Man premier league is just a farmers league. Who play farmers football. Only crosses and long balls. Looserpool just a farmers team. And they have been shown that they are just to shit for the european big boys by atletico. That somebody dares to even compare them to the real madrid tema that won 3 back to bakc ucl or the treble winning 2015 barca team. Than you know they have severe brain damage

  39. Where did Klopp get those teeth from?

  40. Lesson #69
    "Welcome to Analfield"

  41. Typical salty English pundits 🤣

  42. Owen= sour grapes

  43. Being the better side , don’t mean shit , it’s the goals you score. People talk about chances created , the only chance is the one that sees the ball in the back of the net simple as.


  45. Liverpool should be thankful that Atletico didn't attack the whole match. Because when they did, they ripped Liverpool off with 3 goals even when 2 goals down. No idea why and how they are complaining?!? Liverpool was leading 2-0 and Atletico had to attack to win, NOT defend to win.

  46. Welcome to what barca face from every opponent that plays barca…….yet messi is still the goat

  47. Sore loser no var no party hence why this guy cabinet is empty

  48. Liverpool manager said,"Atletico dont played proper footaball."instead he better admit Diego simeone is better coach them him.

  49. Klopps is Wright,

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