Lightroom Presets: How to Install (2018) Update

Lightroom Presets: How to Install (2018) Update

Lightroom Presets: How to Install (2018) Update

“Having trouble installing the Lightroom Presets?

Take a look at this video as we go through the 3 very simple ways of Installing Adobe Lightroom Presets.”

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  1. Thank you, i've tried every single think until now.

  2. Hero!

  3. have LR 8 and it does not work… only the first and most complicated method¡¡¡¡ not happy with LR

  4. I’ve tried every method you have shown and it’s not working. It keeps saying error importing, and wrong type of preset. Is there anything that could be done? or did I waste my time and money?

  5. i did install presets in method 2 , and then want install more, cant! SO fuck annoying and hard!!!

  6. This video was helpful in getting my presets onto Lightroom classic, thanks! Do you know how to sync the presets onto Lightroom cc after completing these steps?

  7. Does this mean that LR before 7.5 also works with the new extension of presets?

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