Lightroom CC Feb 2019 Update ▶︎ HDR, Pano, HDR Panos!, Enhance, Clipping, Target Adjustment

Lightroom CC Feb 2019 Update ▶︎ HDR, Pano, HDR Panos!, Enhance, Clipping, Target Adjustment

The Lightroom CC 2.2 Feb 2019 Update (desktop) is packed with new features, including HDR merging, Panoramic merging, HDR Panoramic merging (!!!), a new Enhance tool, Clipping indicators, and Target Adjustment (which has been on mobile for ages and is finally on desktop… weird)

Here’s some time stamps…
00:57 HDR
07:47 Pano
11:15 HDR Pano
14:03 Enhance Details
18:38 Clipping Indicators
19:49 Target Adjustments

This was recorded LIVE show and the Q&A was interspersed, whenever there was down time while waiting for Lightroom to render a pano or HDR. You can watch the entire LIVE, unedited show, here:

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