Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC – Whats the DIFFERENCE

Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC – Whats the DIFFERENCE

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We take a look at the differences between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. These were both launched at Adobe Max 2017 in Las Vegas. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is the stand alone photo editing software that does everything locally. Adobe Lightroom CC 2017 is a cross platform photo editing software that works on your computer Lightroom Tablet and Lightroom Mobile.

Here I discuss the differences and the benefits of each.


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  1. Can You export Image with watermark or Logo in CC as in Classic?

  2. wow man…made my life..
    Nice one Subscribed…Keep'em comin….

  3. How do I change? I just downloaded Lightroom for my Mac and its very different to everyone on youtube…? I want to change

  4. Super 👌👀👍

  5. Is there a comparison like this one in 2020 ? I think that it's informative yet so old

  6. I can’t download the classic version ! How do I do it

  7. I have LR 4.5 and could not afford to upgrade from there. and now very disabled so I cannot go out and take photos much any longer. so can I upgrade to the latest stand alone version like LR6? and not have to pay for a subscription as I don't use it enough to warrant the cost.

  8. This was super helpful, thank you so much!

  9. Adobe Already added this features.

  10. Bon bagay. Ca marche, merci pour ton aide.

  11. Indonesia like😂😂

  12. There is tone curve and eventually it will eventually have every function and probably more.

  13. Why is his intro the same as Peter McKinnon's for the same topic…

  14. Not sure if this is a proper concern but… I DON'T like my photo/video library outside of my possession. Let's say that a day comes in the future when I opt to cancel my subscription/ relationship with Adobe… I will want my property, (photo/video library).

  15. clean your sensor big guy…or stop down so you cant see that dust….

  16. Thanks for the explanation, exactly what I was looking for. Classic CC is what I'm getting

  17. They need to bring back LightRoom as a stand-alone product. this monthly stuff is carp

  18. What other products like Lr Classic are to buy as a one off purchase for a Mac?

  19. 👊👊

  20. Thank you sir, this video helped a lot!

  21. I was like WTF and then saw your video and now I'm like ohhhhhhh. Thanks! (BTW Adobe are going for a massive cash grab with this 'upgrade'. They are greedy and offer a really bad service at times. Love the products (unless they're screwing up) but the subscription fees are too expensive considering the poor service.

  22. what better between the two?

  23. Solution: Buy all the programs.


    What you think I was going to call you an idiot?

  24. Using Lightroom CC and works perfectly for me but i just need the watermark feature 🙁 do i need to purchase Classic just for that?? 🙁 Or can someone recommend a better solution? plz

  25. Thanks for the succinct walkthrough!

  26. I hate those stupid subscription plans. Over time you just end up paying a lot more than what you used to for a one time payment.

  27. Lightroom cc is violent

  28. Use torrent

  29. That was so helpful. Such a simple thing but I didn't know. Thanks.

  30. Subscription is a very profitable market strategy and becoming part of the modern world culture.
    Companies wants that discrete monthly payment with "memberships", and it's like leasing a car and at the end you paid full price or more and you walk away owning nothing.
    Great idea for professionals and heavy users, but not worthy for light-use hobbyists.

  31. Lightroom setup pblm plz me error code 195

  32. this is such a great video and exactly what i needed to know 🙂

  33. Thanks for the lengthy review & I'll go for classic for sure!

  34. Great explanation. I'm definitely going back to Lr Classic, as I don't have all the features I'm used to work with. Thanks bro.

  35. OMG I searched so many videos to finally realize that I got the stupid Lightroom CC and not the classic one that everyone gives a tutorial on. The classic is so much better.

  36. FUCK cloud services.

  37. I heard split toning is not supported in the cloud version. A big deal IMO.

  38. its all included in the price now.. both cc and classic right?

  39. has anyone a classic 8.2 crack?

  40. Also forgetting that Adobe collects all the data from your images. They know more about you than anyone. Stop using cloud peeps!

  41. Very thorough. Thx… now I know the difference. (Keeps seeing adverts utilizing an edit toolbar I've never seen before. Must be for LR CC for tablet and/or phone).

  42. If i hear “CC” one more FUCKING time

  43. butt this method is not working i Already try this….. so what how can i install

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