Lightroom CC 2017 – How it works and Quickstart guide

Lightroom CC 2017 – How it works and Quickstart guide

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Lean what is new with the all new Lightroom CC 2017. A complete lightroom cc 2017 tutorials for beginners.

This is the updated version of Lightroom mobile that runs on desktop, tablet and mobile. This is the cloud version of adobe Lightroom CC. It is a completely different product to the Lightroom Classic CC that was also laucnhed at Adobe Max 2017.

In this Video Ed Gregory walks you through the Lightroom CC new features and shows you how to use Adobe Lightroom CC 2017. This is a Lightroom CC QuickStart guide and a great way to learn how to do photo editing on mobile devices.

This is a Lightroom CC overview and Lightroom CC tutorial for beginners. lightroom cc 2017 tutorial.


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  1. pause the video at 0:04 and you will not be able to sleep for all eternity


  3. great tutorial. but those exaggerations. whether talking or expression. i cannot handle

  4. I MISS THE OLD LIGHTROOM OMG this is complete trash

  5. Great vide, Ed! Clear, concise and high production value. Just switched to CC from Classic purely for the clean, sexy UI but love the cross-device sync. It makes it easy to grade photos for instagram stories.

  6. Hi Ed, I'm wondering as the iPad Pro 2018 just launched… would you have a chance to review if it's worth for the photographers to do all works with it??? Appreciate your inputs!

  7. your hair is tripping me out. it looks like a wave that's stopped in time :\\\

  8. How do I get my pics back out of it after editing to say put on a CD? I know they go to the cloud. But I need to be able to export to a CD or USB. Or is there a way to bring them up in my lightroom classic. I did edits in cc.

  9. Looks like some of this has changed since the video? I have access to all my presets I installed on the computer through my phone. Just tried it out today.

  10. great video, thank you!!

  11. I'm brand new to Lightroom so I figured I might as well learn on the system that Adobe is committed to. No matter what they say, anything labeled "classic" is not long for this world. IMO, this editing program is so much easier to deal with and learn than the Capture NX-2 free Nikon photo editor that it is worth the price so far.

  12. When buying lightroom cc, do you have to pay twice for your phone and pc?

  13. Hi Greg I cannot email my photos (Gmail). There only to Facebook. Help!

  14. I've been using the CC version on my phone and iPad Pro…. and syncing with Lightroom Classic on my local PC. It's not 100% obvious at first but it works incredibly well. You have click your NAME or login name at the top left of the screen next to the big LR letters and choose sync with cloud… and then its in the classic version. It's pretty sweet and it keeps all the edits and stuff. Really nice.

  15. Do i have to pay for each? Classic and cc? Or is it all in the same 10 monthly price

  16. There is a tone curve on the Desktop

  17. The search is very cool, perhaps scary cool. Is that search tool available in Classic CC? I just started using Lightroom 2 days ago, lot to learn, your videos are helping immensely.

  18. The Video looks very nice. How did you do the background? Is it a grey or black background with a light or is it greenscreen? And how did you do the lighting?

  19. When I choose my photos, and after "reviewing" them, I do not get the button "add photos" at the top right corner?

  20. Found the tone curve. Its next to the exposure adjustment settings at the top.

  21. Lightroom CC works on certain Chromebooks as well now, provided your Chromebook can work with Google Playstore.
    However, as a Lightroom Classic user, I must say that Lightroom CC is not only a "light" version of LR Classic. It is also pretty useless for people who are used to working with Lightroom Classic.

  22. I am not complaining this is just my personal opinion and choice… I Purchased LR 6.6 at $149.00.. I don't see the need for having my stuff on the cloud and lease LR for 10.00 a month so i can edit on my phone or tablet and use their cloud… I can not wait for another editing program to come out. Can someone please tell me what other options are out there and you like… thank you! cheers

  23. So I just got lightroom CC and it is on my computer and I have found that it does have the tones curve

  24. Is there a way to edit in PS from the desktop CC or is that only in Classic and do the photos from CC automatically show up in Classic.

  25. Great video. I'd like to know if there is any way to sync Classic and CC without uploading your entire (2TB) catalog onto the cloud. I liked how the previous version you were able to sync only certain collections. When I updated to Classic, that option disappeared.

  26. Is it possible to save out a full resolution photo to my camera roll on my iPad if I’ve imported it on my iMac? Or is it the lower resolution preview? It would be nice if I could do some edits on my iPad Pro and then export it out to do some additional edits such as retouching with my Apple Pencil in the Affinity Photo app. I understand it needs the previews for performance, but it would be nice if it could grab a full copy from the cloud, apply the edits and save it out when exporting. Thanks!

  27. They have way too many filters on some apps

    80% most never use

  28. Dye your hair blue and white for that surfer dave look

  29. Great informative video! Quick question…does anyone know how to add a watermark in LR CC? Unlike all the older versions, it is not showing up under edit. Thank you.

  30. what is the difference between Lightroom cc and Lightroom mobile. I know they are both mobile but they do not seem to be alike based on Youtubes I have seen.

  31. Snapseed that Adobe owns is better then Lightroom Cloud CC on the I pad

  32. It's a petty we don't sea where you clicking on; you should film your finger and film where you is clicking on

  33. Phenomenal video big man. Was helpful for me to see that I’m not weird for not having the geometry panel on iphone which is super frustrating!! I wish adobe would just create a table showing which features are on which platform… anyway keep doing what you’re doing 👌🏼

  34. Just got Lightroom CC and I'm a bit furious with myself for not watching this first to find out about the Curves/Tablet situation. Grrrr…..

    Would it really be worth it to have a tablet JUST to have access curves? Seems obscene. But editing with them is so key sometimes…

    Ugh. Go home, Adobe- you're drunk.

  35. I agree LR CC is not ready for primetime. This seems like a very early Beta, maybe an ALPHA!

  36. I face some problems in lightroom in smartphone… When i edit finished and save to my mobile. And open in galary the face tone is changed and show redish face.. Please give me some tips

  37. Thanks for this video! I'm new to lightroom and all the other tutorials Ive seen have an older version with the modules on the top and I was like, what am I missing!! hahaha Great vid. Your intro is also mesmerizing lol

  38. Thanks Ed, a really informative video as always

  39. how to use split toning in lightroom cc

  40. I love your work. Do you teach portrait editing? I am interested though.

  41. Great video! What are you using to record your iOS screens wirelessly? That's slick

  42. Great videos, just sad that my caption from classic cc did not follow in lightroom cc. Is it something i missed?

  43. Booiiiiiiiiiiii…….YO HAIR LOOKING ASS BOIIII

  44. I use Photos on Mac, currently I have a complicated process of storing this photo library in the dropbox. I have been burned twice before with backing up my photos in an external hard drive and then that hard drive dying on me. Gave me quite a few mini moments of panic and anxiety haha. I also cannot quite figure out the syncing ability of the apple photos, and yes I am quite a bit of a techie so I know my way around for the most part. The apple photo stream baffles me to this day. I have been yearning for the old iPhoto app and that was way easier for me to use. However, apple is phasing that out too as the transition to Photos has taken place. From your videos, it looks like everything I could do do previously with the iPhoto, is doable with lightroom (from a photo organization standpoint) plus the power of the cloud. This will be one step less for me, enabling me to skip my dropbox step. Am i right in my assumptions? If I need the lightroom solely for the purpose of photo organization, cloud storage and seamless syncing across my macbook, ipad pro, and iphone, would you recommend this for me? I need to lighten my macbook in terms of storage, as well as not carry another external hard drive. I want to upload it in the lightroom and delete my actual copy from my mac WITHOUT worry.

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