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  1. Still feel it is a crappy piece of software. The only real difference I've ever been able to see is that your are forced into the "Catalog" of your images when I don't want to be. Photoshop and Bridge are still my go to favorites.

  2. Lmao he is looks like Bush (ex president):D

  3. thanks for the video tutorial grate job

  4. Thanks for the in depth look! Also, couldn't help notice the Steve Via axe. That his signature?

  5. It seems that version 8 of lightroom cc don't support Windows 8.1. but still runs on the older version 7 and the newest windows 10 (and MAC-OS). Strange decision of Adobe because Windows 8.1 is supported by Microsoft til January 2023!!! I dont like to be pushed by Adobe to change to Windows10. Staying at 7.5 is also not an option. At the end of this month the Map function don't work anymore. 🙁

  6. If you do not have LrCC on your phone can you use the picture taking capabilities of Lr Mobile to get he same depth effect of .heic pictures? Thanks for this informative video.

  7. Amazing new features, I can’t wait to test them!

  8. Thanks for the summary! I always start in Lr Library mode as this is where I keep everything organized. For many images, all editing is completed in Lr. That being said I also find Ps very useful, especially Luminosity masks. I use TK V6 Actions for this and am finding it increasingly useful, allowing a degree of adjustment control I hadn't believed possible. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lightroom CC Classic Update 8 is not available for me for some reason.

  10. Thanks a lot for another nice video.

  11. you are really a hardwoking person in your field.
    i like the way, you are teaching for your subscriber .
    10/10 marks from india.
    we like you . Stay Healthy 👍

  12. Even for a native German speaking guy like me it’s a pleasure to look and hear your tutorials. Sometimes you are speaking a little bit to fast, but then I use the YouTube rewinding to understand it nevertheless.

  13. I have Lightroom CC on my LG V30+ and on my Samsung Galaxy Tab E. I would appreciate any tutorials on it you could do.

  14. I've found an interesting way to shoot my "hdr" images. Nikon D750 – nikon has an overall metering mode they call matrix – this camera if you roll one past it you get an "*" to the upper right of the icon. That's preserve highlights mode… you won't blow highlights in that mode, but dang will you underexpose your dark areas. So, I bracket 2 shots in that mode – one is the preserve and the other I overexpose by +2 from it. Merge the 2 and "bob's your uncle" … seems to work pretty reliably on the first couple dozen I've shot that way. Does canon or sony have that sort of metering mode as well ? It's not spot metering, i use that other ways… Thanks for the video – i don't have an iphone that does the depth thingy…

  15. In the HDR Panorama, the sky in the final image looked over exposed. There was a lot more dynamic range in the sky that you didn’t utilize in the final edit.

  16. was I the 1st like ???

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