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  2. JulieAnne you always have great tutorials!!! 🙂 thank you!!

  3. Thank u.

  4. She's so hot.  Don't judge me.

  5. Thanks Julieanne!

  6. Very informative thanks for the demo.

  7. Thanks.Just post more helpful videos.

  8. Thanks Julieanne. I enjoyed the concise overview & how you present the material.

  9. Thanks for this Julieanne. Just upgraded from LR 4 to 5.  Is there a way to add multiple pieces of music to a long slide show? Seems you can only add one and then it just repeats itself.

  10. Very helpful — Julieanne's instructional style is always excellent! 

  11. Can someone tell me if buying "Lighroom 5 upgrade" is basically buying Lightroom 5 just upgraded? Or is it you buy lightroom 5 and then you buy lightroom 5 upgrade as an add on? Thank you..

  12. thank you so much for this video.

  13. If you have a half good camera you don't need photoshop/lightroom because the files will be good to go straight out of the camera…..

  14. Can I horizontal flip on Lightroom 4?

  15. Wow your Photoshop opened so fast.

  16. Yes but what about the bug fix for the Export module not applying sharpening or noise reduction? We need a 5.01 fix asap.

  17. Lightroom 5 is loaded with small improvements that can add efficiency to your workflow. @Julieanne Kost shares 10 hidden gems in Lightroom 5.

  18. Lightroom 5 is such a massive improvement! I started on 3 the day it came out and used it 75% of the time over Photoshop. When 4 came out I was expecting a lot from it but found myself staying with 3. I now use LR5 almost 100% of the time, it's just that good!

  19. i Found this Useful thanks 🙂

  20. Excellent

    Thank you !!

  21. great help!

  22. i have a free code for LR5 message me if you want it!

  23. Not very impressive features, hardly worthy to be called "gems" is what he is getting at.

  24. The crop guide overlay is going to save me! I've been debating on upgrading to 5, I am just getting used to 4. But after watching this video I think I am going to upgrade!

  25. Omg the lock zoom position is great. I couldnt stand it changing when moving back and forth between photos comparing sharpness.

    Same with the import thing.

  26. Wha???

  27. I have cloud & Upgraded right away. I use to use Photoshop 75% of the time alone & Now I actually love to use light room. Lightroom 5 is way better then 4

  28. 10 gems that are not actually gems at all.

  29. The crop guide overlay is great. How about the ability to choose custom aspect ratios too?

  30. Merci beaucoup !

  31. Lightroom 5 is loaded with small additions that can end up being a huge part of your workflow. @Julieanne Kost shares her top 10 "hidden gems."

  32. Love Lightroom 5, but I don't understand the PNG support… what is it that I can do with an PNG file that has transparency? Can I put it over an image as a frame in LR?

  33. Debating if it's worth the $75.
    I would rather see rendering engine improvements than features.
    I'll know by the end of the trial.

  34. I'm really happy with Lightroom 5 over previous version. Thanks a lot, to reveal these features!

  35. Very usefull tips. Thanks.
    Another plus to upgrade to version 5.

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