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  1. Here are some AMAZING Premiere Pro Templates to help you make beautiful videos quicker:

  2. Hey this vid was cool but too simple, can you show how to make keys/bells/mallets/kalimba on Serum please👀🤝

  3. What if you want to zoom in / rotate for a specific amount of time, and how can I make a zoom fade in instead of zoom in like another 100% in 1 second? What does overlaying clips do? can you hear both audio?

  4. are video editing make good money or motion graphic?

  5. good job brothers.

  6. I have watched several tutorials on Premier. This is the best.

  7. Go Albuquerque!!!

  8. really thank you for this awesome video

  9. this is shit fuck u nigga

  10. thankyou !viknow this is a year ago but a better pop filter would be nice 😛

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  12. Clear and concise. I applaud you. (Bethel next time maybe!) (maybe a flower in your centerpiece too)

  13. Thank you ! It really helps

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  15. Sometimes the hardest step is the biomechanics of taking the first one. After that you can learn to skip, trot, sprint, and maybe to dance. But without the mechanics of the first one, all the dance lessons are just frustrating dreams. You just taught a half million people how to walk.

  16. thank you so much, good job! simple and efficient, you are good at explaining things clearly!

  17. SUCH A GOOD TUTORIAL!!!! You are a blessing.

  18. This is exactly what I needed to get going

  19. Photography teacher and premier educator in Minneapolis. love the simple explanation to students to comprehend. thanks.

  20. hey guys this is osm wish to see lot more

  21. I was watching this in fullscreen and the moment I looked at the battery I was scared shitless

    Thank you for the tutorial and for the heart attack + Like, + Respect, + Subscribe

  22. thank you for the video now i know how to use adobe premier. 😀

  23. may i ask u pls about the name of software that record the screen tho pls reply to me

  24. far too much info far too fast to take in in 1 video… honest tutorial would get someone thats never edited to sit at your pc and you tell them what to do..let us see a someone thats never used premier pro learn to edit

  25. hi im 6mins into this video that help and is a lot to take in, it would really help if you filmed your pc screen really doing an edit of say 10videos to make 1 new edited video, can you do that ? we want to really see everything you do to create an edited video in real time , dont edit the video you show us on youtube ! it helps to see what you do if you make a mistake etc and if your tutorial takes an hour or 2 im fine with that, thx

  26. After I made a couple meme montages on filmora 9 I decided I was tired how glitchy it was so I decided to try adobe premiere pro and I’m super confused because this is way too complicating.

    My YouTube channel:

  27. Dude you are a natural teacher. You've just earned a sub… Keep up the good work.

  28. This is very good! Thanks!

  29. Amazing video. Exactly what I needed when I started I wish I had seen it last year. Did benefit from how you clean up the workspace with the panels and hot keys will save me time. Well thought out and organized information.

  30. Wowww thank you so much for making such videos God bless you guys🥰🤝

  31. Nobody:

    Guy on the left:

  32. Nice channel, look at mine. Geek and Son

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