Learn #Lightroom 5 – Episode 43: Vintage Film Look

Learn #Lightroom 5 – Episode 43: Vintage Film Look

Episode 43 of Learn Lightroom 5: Often people purchase my Lightroom Presets and reverse engineer them to see what I did to achieve that specific look. It’s a good way to learn how to use Lightroom but unfortunately, it’s not always readily apparent what I did. In this video, I demonstrate step by step how to achieve the Vintage Film Look in Lightroom.

Update 12/20/2018 — a viewer told me that my video is identical to a video by the Photoshop Video Academy — I really don’t remember where I learned the technique from. Here, I think, is the video from Photoshop Video Academy that the viewer is referring to:

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  1. Hi sir. I am following your tutorials. Could you increase the voice volume bit more while recording the tutorials, pls.
    You have sweet and clear voice.

  2. omg you are so good at this

  3. This video is word for word taken from a Photoshop Video Academy video.

  4. Helo anthony.. Is that a lightroom 5? Bcoz i have a lightroom 5 too in my windows.. And i cant do the tone curve like what u did.. 😑 pls help me

  5. Hi Anthony! Really great video. I love the matte effect on photos. However, to have a good result in lightroom you need a good quality of photo. My question is on which settings was the photo taken? It's sharp, it doesn't have much contrast as I assume? Any suggestions would be helpful. 🙂

  6. great video! thanks for sharing

  7. Well done as always…..

  8. thank you so much i'm really i learn a lot from you 🙂

  9. Subscribed. No nonsense straight to the point. Great.


  11. Today I searched for two different Lightroom topics and I found myself seeing your videos. You are really helpful to anyone learning to use Lightroom

  12. woow, short but helpful, thanks a lot

  13. Great video man. Keep up the good work!!!

  14. Thanks for the video. My image turned out great!

  15. Editing by colors uhm always blue first right?

  16. I like this tutorial, very clear nothing complicated, the concept was well explained.


  18. hey, what a great upload. I am in the UK and would like to buy your bundle, it says its in US money how can i get them?

  19. thank you very much for this helpful tutorial!

  20. Really helped alot thanks!

  21. Great tutorial!!!

  22. That's a really great tutorial!

  23. this was very helpful! thank you so much 🙂

  24. Very helpful, thanks 🙂

  25. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial!

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