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  1. Well Kovalev and him can agree in something LOL

  2. Adonis Stevenson will knock pascal the fuck out and kovalev killed ur ass the last fight stop fronting and u lost ur last fight

  3. Alright, have it your way, lets get herb dean to ref after the spectacular reffing he did for Weidman vs rockhold.

  4. PAscal is the man. He has skill and will fight anybody. Fuck Stevenson. Dudes a pussy and won't fight anyone with a name. I got Fonfara beating him if they have a rematch.

  5. Adonis Pussy Chickenson

  6. Hahahahaha gotta love this dude man Lol

  7. fuck stevenson forever. fighting sakio bika lmfao… how the fuck was this bullshit ignored? stevenson is biggest cherry picker in the sport nobody is talking about.. worse than danny garcia

  8. pascal is one of my fav fighters. i think he has a better shot against kovolev this time also.

  9. Concerned for this guys health in the rematch

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