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  1. Have you really looked into what's involved with moving over to Adobe Lightroom CC? There are a lot of preconceived notions out there and I hope this video helps answer your biggest questions.

  2. Good video. Convinced me to stay with Classic and buy another external hard drive for back up. Online storage is too expensive, and there are not enough positives for me.

  3. Hi! 2 years later I am dealing with this dilemma. Seeing this process convinced me that Lr, and by that Adobe it is not the way. The storage cost it's absurd, and the ease of use is not there.
    I will keep using Lightroom Classic until a better "digital asset manager" (I think that is what it's called) to arrange and sort my photos (and edit them) but I will NOT storage them on adobe shiny golden servers. I will prefer to use Dropbox and/or Google for 12$ a month each, for unlimited storage, and the ability to have control over the folder structure and storage location.
    Plus, files synced from Classic appear as smart previews in CC (Mobile). Good enough for a fast export with no storage requirement.
    Adobe is way too greedy.

  4. Love it… Thanks for the insights… do you have any update? How to migrate from Classic to CC on the plan itself? Just I change the plan and that’s it?

  5. They give you free software and Storage (let us know how much that costs….) so that is a compensation/payment 😉 Bye

  6. Fantastic video! You have helped me to finally decide to migrate from Classic to CC. I love the way you created Albums by years – great idea!

  7. This was so helpful for me and I truly appreciate you taking the time to share this, this confirmed my decision to use Lightroom CC the only thing I wish that Adobe would do is integrate 3rd party apps like Luminar 4 do you know if this is coming in the near future. Also on last question, do you have further training videos on Lightroom CC?

  8. 15:11 One more thing to consider: To this date LR CC doesn't store XMP files together with originals in this local backup. This means it's a backup of your originals, but not of your edits. The only way around this I see currently is going for a full DNG workflow (since edits are stored inside DNG). You could still on the other hand manually export "originals + settings" from the menu, but this kind of defeats the purpose of an automatic backup.

  9. Be careful. Specifically, be more truthful… when you said 'Adobe didn't pay you….to make this video'. Well, they did. They give you (as you explained) the full CC suite + 10tb storage. They gave you over $800 in Storage and SAS. That's not exactly insignificant. Overall, the information you provided is specific and generally accurate and your explanation is clear. but you may want examine how you explain your relationship and payment in kind from Adobe in the future.

  10. This was and is very helpful and I am glad to see that the current version of Lightroom CC addressed some of the issues you brought up. I do have a general question though, is it worth having a 3rd party software like Luminar? Lightroom CC can perform the develop tasks that Luminar can correct?

  11. Adobe – "After cancellation, your allowed cloud storage is reduced to 2 GB. If you are over your storage limit, you have 90 days to reduce your online usage. After 90 days, you could lose access to some or all of your files saved on the Creative Cloud servers."

    Google – "Everything in Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail will still be accessible, but you won't be able to create or add anything new over the free storage limit."

    For cloud storage I will choose Google over Adobe any day. LOL

  12. I immersed myself, went crazy, deleted that BS, and demanded a refund.

  13. Sorry, it all sounds good but not willing to pay a monthly subscription fee forever. Makes no sense to me…

  14. Great video Brian. In short, is Lightroom CC a scaled down version of Lightroom Classic?

  15. how do we put watermarks using new lightroom cc ?????

  16. This video is a classic. There is so much information I’ve watched it three times. But now it is almost a year later. How about an update? Are you happy with your migration? Your latest video is about ON1. Thinking about alternatives?

  17. 15:11 Question: What's your opinion on not having control over actual folder hierarchy. I understand that Adobe's concept is about having a clear split between photo management (done in LR) and foto file storage (done in backend), which is different from the "LR classic model". But from a longterm user perspective, let's say one day you decide to migrate e.g. all your fotos to a different service or do another third party cloud backup. You will lose all the work done in terms of photo-management – which before used to be at least partially software-agnostic.

  18. Many thanks for this great video
    I keep my classic because of the handy features

  19. Thanks for this fairly thorough video, Brian. Much appreciated.
    It raises multiple serious questions for us that perhaps you can answer.
    – We will only ever want a small subset of our images in the cloud, for multiple practical and legal reasons.
    Can we easily and selectively turn cloud syncing on/off for images and and only have a small, select subset on the cloud? All cloud-all-the-time is an impractical and overly rudimentary model for us (and many professional shops). We need more control than that. (That would be true even if Adobe’s cloud storage pricing wasn’t 10x our current cost/TB.)

    – Just to clarify – it looks like you went through a pretty long process to migrate. Can we expect that, after choosing a few criteria in migration controls, we can simply click one button to migrate our entire catalogue and have it faithfully port to Lightroom cloud with its internal structure completely preserved?

    – It looks like you said we can’t control the folder hierarchy in the catalogue. Is that correct?
    If so, what method is available to ensure our library organization survives if we move to a different catalogue solution? Best practice requires that we have complete control over the organizational structure of the catalogue and that it’s portable and can be moved outside of the proprietary ecosystem.

    Cheers and thanks

  20. Thank you, super helpful!

  21. Nice comparison. Just what I was looking for since I am torn. I do not print a lot but wanted to print more. The lack of a print module amazes me (as it does others). I get it is 2019, but many still like to print. Unfortunately Photos, Preview etc do not work well with ICC profiles and the prints are hit and miss. Still…I do like the ease of use CC offers over classic. Also, it is 2019 and they have add a few more items that were missing with the exception of the print module. I do not need a ton of storage at this time so the 1TB option would suffice, but I would need to carry Photoshop or Classic as well for printing purposes.

  22. Grate tutorial Brian 😉
    Do you by any chance know a way to synchronize the raw photos from one user to another, let’s say from a photographer to a photo editor, but without having to sign out from an account just so that your editor can log himself in and edit the photos?
    Thanks in advance,

  23. Can you touch on how to permanently change your profile setting? It’s only on my desktop and not my phone app, But every time I’m getting ready to edit the picture it shows up with an orange tint. My originals straight out of the camera show up fine below until i click on them and then they turn redish. I’m not sure what’s happening

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