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  2. Great video VERY helpful thanks a lot 👌

  3. good tutorial, thanks!

  4. Now this is what I call a helpful video! Thank you so much!

  5. Thanks a lot 🙂 It was really helpful for me.

  6. Thank you. Very useful.

  7. Thanks Bro!

  8. So let’s say I have a background, and I want to make it so the adjustment layer doesn’t move that clip, but everything else below it. What do I do?

  9. I want to apply a zoom but it doesn't work

  10. How to save adjustment layers as presets?

  11. Hi! Question, why can't I keyframe my effects in the adjustment layer? It doesnt show the effect. I am seriously having a problem with this. Thanks!

  12. that's kind of annoying, you have to click on the project window, rather than just the timeline where you want to add it. i don't seem to be able to add Audio effects to an adjustment layer.

  13. can you PLEASE make a video on replicating a Photshop hue/saturation layer + channel mixer layer in premiere. The hue and saturation basic slider in Photoshop is very simple and i cannot match looks to video and must for branding purposes. Thank you so much!!!

  14. what about size? say a bunch of 4k and 1080p footage together so you need to scale half of your files to fit the project?

  15. how to add two adjustment layers one an other

  16. i have a background layer
    i have a text layer with animations

    how do i apply this stupid layer to ONLY the text, and NOT the backghround.

    When i "nest"? the adjustment layer and the text my picture gets black and the background is not visible anymore…

  17. Thanks bro

  18. however whenever i try to add key frames to it, the effects of the adjustment layer are completely gone.. do you happen to know why is that happening?

  19. im having issues with my adjustment layer,any time i apply effect or colors the footage wont display again,but wen i remove effect it comes back,pls how can u help me

  20. Oh something as simple as changing the color or opacity of that adjustment later as well

  21. Could you show me how to do an adjustment layer for example to cover a logo or cover a piece of text that’s already embedded in an existing video – if so thanks man

  22. thanks you so much , subscribed 🙂

  23. Sorry, but I'm a tad bit confused. When you stacked one clip above the adjustment layer so that it doesn't fall under it's effect, why didn't you just start the layer after the clip ended? the adjustment layer is applied to the following clips after your first one, so wouldn't it just be easier to keep the clip where it is and then begin the adjustment layer on the second clip?

  24. Hello! Can one adjustment layer from a project be used again in other new project? Thank you

  25. Thanks to you I found the Adjustment Layer. I saw another video, but got no further. With your video I found it right away 🙂 If I want all my clips to get the same effects (changes) I drag the Adjustment Layer over all those clips, right? If I want the effect in only one clip, I put the layer only over that clip? I suppose that's logical, but I begin with finding out the basics. I guess it's plenty possibilities for what a Adjustment Layer can do, right? It would take a few weeks to learn it all? At least I know now how to find the layer and add put it over my video files. Thanks to you 🙂 I just subbed. Do you have a video showing how to make a person transparent? That you can see through him like he's a ghost? I need it for my new ghost film 🙂

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  27. Excellent! Thank you.

  28. Excellent tutorial!
    Now – a question – could you make a video about using adjustment layers in a multicam 'situation'? To be more precise – let's say that I have three cameras and I'm making a multicam sequence, but one of my cameras recorded a footage that is way off regarding color balance – can I use adjustment layer to fix this and STILL create a normal multicam sequence with multiple cuts etc?

    Thank you!

  29. Pretty cool, stacking the adjustment layers to get what you need and effect only those things you want to!

    Could you do a tutorial about bringing sequences into your project from another, previously completed project? This would be great if you have something you've previously done but need to reference back to it in a new video.

  30. Your videos is very informative! Thank you.

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