How to Speed Up Lightroom WITHOUT Buying New Hardware | 2019 Update

How to Speed Up Lightroom WITHOUT Buying New Hardware | 2019 Update

We’ve gathered 10 tips to help you speed up your Lightroom performance and increase efficiency while editing. Check out the article for the complete list. NOTE: In the video, we forgot to break out the tip on rendering Previews prior to culling/editing, which is included in the article, along with a complete write-up.

Complete Article with 10 Tips –

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  2. so my image source should be on ssd too ?not just the lightroom program ?

  3. I got superb speed

  4. Veey useful .. thanks

  5. does anyone have problems with GPU acceleration with 1080Ti? When i turn it on the picture don't come up anymore and it all sort of gets stuck.

  6. THANK YOU!!!!! These steps REALLY sped up my Lightroom workflow! Thank you!!

  7. Doesn't having your catalog(s) on an external drive give you better protection if your C drive fails?

  8. 0:50 i tryed to use my gpu. but lightroom did not alowed it.
    how can i souve it?

  9. last gen 15inch macbook pro vega 20, 32gb ram – lightroom still works like shit

  10. 🙏🏻🤞🏻🔥

  11. Your dog is awesome!

  12. not everything gets saved to .xmp's when you have them enabled. Virtual copy stuff doesn't unless you save a named snapshot of it, and nothing related to collections does either. is it flags that aren't ? And to force write that snapshot – you go back to the root image and do the CTRL-S on it because the VC snapshot will show up on the base image – maybe not quite intuitive to some, but that's how you force write it to the .XMP after it's creation.

  13. Learn to say PROCESSING no PROSSING

  14. Pro tip alert!

  15. Capture One

  16. I thought I knew Lightroom well but almost every tip here was a great one that I didn't know before. Great vid!

  17. When I can fint video tutorial from time 6:30 please??

  18. Which GPU is better to buy? Nvidia (cuda) or Radeon?

  19. 6:25 I can assure you that when I export a series of images Lightroom uses all cores @100%.

  20. Thank you for the tips! They instantly made my +6 YO PC faster! So nice of you to go through the LR update and make such a precise guide! You've won a new subscriber here! Greetings from Peru!

  21. Very helpful. Thanks.

  22. Does storing catalog file in external SSD works as well to speed up the lightroom ?

  23. CTRL + what???? another adobe tutorial that doesn't work at it should? Noway!!!!!!!!!!! Its been 15 min and im stuck at fucking 0:35 sec Control karma whattf????

  24. maybe just switching to Affinity/Luminar/Exposure X or just FastStone Image Viewer ?
    And cute is the dog )

  25. Want that CaptureOne look out from Lightoom? Skin which looks alive and not pale grey as on deadbody? That revert process back to 1st version. You'll see how GREAT skin looks all of a sudden. Yes that will add ton of color noise left overs. Use external NR software that is more capable and also does not ruin colors as Lr does. Need another trick? Use DCRAW to process original 16-bit image out of raw (same DCRAW that Lr is depending on), than process images with capable Noise Reduction like NeatImage and only than import this TIFF files into Lr. Too much work? Just use CaptureOne.

  26. Adobe's way of solving Lightroom performance problem is laughable. Essentially they include hacks that were well known workarounds, which proves they fixed nothing, just made life a bit easyer with this dinosaur old (and broken) peace of software. GPU acceleration was usefull for image manipulation, like browsing, zooming, paning and basic editing. But it made brushes impossible to use. So constant turn on/off was needed depending on task, to make Lr bearable. What they did? They put tick box to make option to use GPU fully or just for display. Smart "fix" Adobe. That shurelly fixed performance issues with Lr.

    In 2012 I built A pair of ultimate computers: 6 cores, 12 threads, 128 GB dedicated system SSD, 1TB image storage SSD, and 120GB dedicated SSD for Adobe CACHE. Having 4-channel 2133 ram of 32 GB and one of the best GPU at the time GTX770. With ultimate cooling system I even overclocked everything by 22%, but guess what? Lr was STILL sluggish as always regardless of exceeding everything Adobe ever recommended. Many laptop and MAC users wondered of my problems. Than I once used Lr on vacation on my 2 core 1st gen Core-i5 with 8 gb of ram, integrated GPU and one SSD. And Lr worked smooth as a charm. And I started to dig into this, since I remember I used to be happy with Lr version 1,2,3,4,… each version was more sluggish. Than once in a blue moon Adobe developers reached us (devoted forum users) to test various hacks for improving speed. I learned how ancient this software is. Indeed it works best on older less capable computers. The GPU acceleration is problem, the mutiple threads CPU are problem. The large amout of ram is not used since internally Lr is 32-bit. Modern highly capable computer helps with importing previews and exporting. This was really never issue. Where I was loosing my time with Lr was editing, not exporting. All SSD's, RAM, CPU and GPOU means nothing when SINGLE THREAT operation starts to saturate (like brush or spot heal). CPU barelly utilized, but Lr stalls and stutters. SmartPreview vs real image in my computer does not make any difference. Just about every tip mentioned here is 5+ years old mantry from Adobe and internet. But this helps zero. Maybe depending on system. But not for my (once) beast computer. Even if I gain 10% speed improvement, this is nothing compared to 250% (or more) faster editing in C1.

    SO TRUE #9: more cores = worst performance!! Lr is 10+ years old. It was designed for 2 cores and 3GB of ram. Internally it is still the same. Import/export will benefit from more cores/ram, but editing not. Nothing can be done here. Nothing different in latest Lr as it was 5 version ago. Just band aid over obsolete software since they have no alternative. Using more modern software is the only solution. For those must using Lr: Use CPU that have best single core performance, use the fastest chipset motherboard and the fastest ram possible. Forget about GPU at all. Even SSD is not essential since every modern HDD is faster delivering data than Lr can build image out from it. The only difference having beefy computer will be exporting time.

    In the meantime PhaseOne could double the prices so much users come to them because software just flyes. In 2016 I started using C1 in parallel in 2018 I stopped using Lr completelly and I just have it for historical reasons like searching through old catalogue. I save 14 work days per year using C1 over Lr (calculated from several large scale comparable projects that I did with one or the other. C1 is not the holly grail either and 99% both can give similar end results. But C1 is so much faster for what I do and how I like to do it, that there is no way to use Lr for real anymore.

  27. Tnk

  28. You Rock

  29. I know I am crazy, but I don't use Lightroom for any photo storage or catalogs. I just use the Windows OS file system.

  30. My #1 tip, don’t use Windows.

  31. Is there a way to move a folder from one catalog to another and keep all your LR data? I just realized how huge my catalog is for one client and I was thinking I would move my 2019 folder to a new catalog. Thank you!

  32. Best tip for speeding up Lightroom? Use Capture One.

  33. That made a MASSIVE difference to the spped of my LR. Thank you so much!!!

  34. No Pye. Lightroom is a compromise because there’s nothing out there that comes close

  35. I used to be in the "separate catalog" for each type of shoot until I ended up with over 25 catalogs. Which in and of itself wasn't an issue until you have to update to the new version of LR and then you have to update all of your catalogs separately. So now, I've just gone back to just one catalog and haven't really seen any slow down.

  36. Thank you Pye!

  37. To be clear, Lightroom software is getting old and big so it had to be renewed

  38. I'd love to see a comparison for the catalog argument. I used to do individual Catalogs for each shoot, but I switched 6 months ago and it's nice to easily cross-reference and pull photos for social media, clients, etc… without digging through a Finder Window and opening each Catalog.

  39. just a quick question, by "storing your lightroom catalog on a faster internal hard drive" you mean just the catalog or even the RAW files that are included in the catalog. Usually I have my catalogs on my SSD internal drive but my RAW files on a usb external drive. is that good or not? I don't have enough space on my SSD for my RAW files too. That's my problem

  40. You ever use Capture One? It's pretty awesome too. It has layers and luminosity mask functionality during RAW file post-processing.

  41. Excellent! Thank you so much!

  42. Great stuff here thank you !

  43. Great tutorial. Thank you (and Roxy, of course). Puget is a great company. I purchased my first custom built PC from them 10 years ago and it's still going strong. Customer support is second to none and located in Washington State. Will be upgrading my PC later this year with another custom built computer by Puget Systems!

  44. is there any alternative to PUGET systems around UK?

  45. On my pc the first option , use graphics processor, its OF and grey (cannot eb changed), so do i need a new pc?

  46. That sweet thumbnail made me click the video ♥️

  47. I hope that the Lightroom Fundamentals Course does not have Lee's (from FStoppers) editing skills as he sucks at editing LOL Kidding, love you guys Pye and FStoppers' Lee and Patrick 🙂

  48. 👍 for useful information

  49. My number 1 tip – – shut down Google chrome before heavy work :,-)😁😆

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