How to Reduce Grain in Premiere Pro CC without Plugins

How to Reduce Grain in Premiere Pro CC without Plugins

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Plugins for Noise Reduction: Magic Bullet II and NeatVideo

I give a quick tip to mitigate some of the grain in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is a last resort option. I would highly recommend getting a plugin or using After Effects to do a better job.


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  1. Thank you!

  2. Let stable the like and dislike button

  3. the worst video you could choose …

  4. Now I have pain on my eyes

  5. what a waste of time!

  6. no different fake same damn shit video

  7. Looks literally the same

  8. So…. apply median from Noise & Grain video effect folder. 15 second video in 3:50

  9. Cool "hack", just what i was looking for. Cheers!


  11. Did you know that on adobe subscribtion there is no cancel button… you have to pay lifetime

  12. How do I get that 4 min back of my life?

  13. mokkai video

  14. onnume puriyala

  15. please link to buy the plugin

  16. so I applied the median like you did here and the video became choppy after that… any idea why?

  17. Can you recommend me a plug-in. I have premiere and after effects

  18. Thank you!! It was effective for my small project. I appreciate your time and your help.

  19. Excellent. Thank you. Specific. Easy to follow. Good narrative. And you set-up expectations quite early in the video so that people were realising that miracles weren't going to happen, but things could be better. Also, nice sound.

  20. Thanks! Perfect easy quick fix. Just what I needed.

  21. Roll Tide,,, My family is in Alabama and i thought they had moved when they sent me photos of 4 inches of snow… Great Tutorial

  22. Alabama! Hell yeah! lol

  23. Thanks man this really helped me out alot. Not perfect but its a good quick fix for sure.

  24. Fake advice

  25. Would playing around in lumetri colour make a difference?

  26. Awesome video! I am pretty new to video and was wondering are there any particular noise reduction plugins that you recommend?

  27. when i click on the square my video clip became all black…any solutions to this?

  28. Hey, got a question, at first this median effect worked fine because I could drag the blue lines but then the lines became invisible, so it is very hard to adjust. Any idea why this happens?

  29. shared

  30. which plugin?

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