How To Open Newer Project in Older Version of Adobe Premiere Pro

How To Open Newer Project in Older Version of Adobe Premiere Pro

This video is about How To Open Newer Project in Older Version of Adobe Premiere Pro

7zip –

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  1. nice work man! although changing that to "1" didnt work for me my version was 38 and i changed it to "30" it worked pefectly , thanks

  2. Oh man, u r hero👍😍

  3. Thank you bro Thank you so much

  4. THIS WORKS FOR AFTER EFFECTS, but there may be issues with certain effects used. Some of them will not transfer. For example, 3D camera tracking did not work 🙁

  5. Is there a way to use newer transitions for the Adobe Premiere CC 2017-2020 in Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6?

  6. Can this method be used for After effects too?

  7. Awesome! Thank you for the tip I'll never forget! 🌟😊👍🌟

  8. thanku

  9. Can I use this tutorial for after effects?

  10. I love you.

  11. thenkyu ma brother

  12. CC 2019 OPEN IN CS6!!! HOW TO???

  13. at 1:00, am I the only one that is says 38 instead of 33?

  14. u r a fucking genious

  15. Oh my God you're a lifesaver! I'm doing my thesis project in Adobe Premiere 2019 at my school for so many hours, and I need to transfer it to my PC at home wherein I'm using Premiere CC 2017. This saved my life. You deserve a Like, Share, and Subscribe. Thank you 😀

  16. Worked for me 🤝🤝🤝

  17. Work in after effects or no?!

  18. Nice but the project said the project could not be loaded, be damaged or contain outdated….any help?

  19. it says 'it may be damaged or contain outdated elemetns'

  20. You are amazing. Thank you

  21. Thank you man you're the boss

  22. What was the song in the background btw!? 😀

  23. In windows 10, if not alowed rename file extension: A quick check could be done by enabling "File name extensions" under the view panel on a file explorer window.

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