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  1. Worst subtitle start end mark point software

  2. after saving my file it doesn't open as video how to fix it bro?

  3. Thank you so much sir

  4. Thanks so much hey bit if I want the subtitles permanently on the video when or wherever I watch it how do I do it?

  5. hi guy, I have some questions?
    1. I want to make a Chinese sub video including Vietnamese-Chinese-pinyin sub, which means that for every audio segment, there will be 3 lines of text at the same time, so how to make it?
    2. I usually make videos with wondershare filmora, so can I add the sub + effects of Aegisub to filmora and then make videos as usual?

  6. Thanx for this amazing tutorial sir☺️
    Sir I need your help,
    I have created my subtitles in notepad file, but I want to run them in italic with different color, so is it possible with this application… Plz help

  7. thank you for your kindness…

  8. Cool

  9. Hi, great tutorial, but when I try to add my script it all appears in one huge subtitle and doesn't split into separate lines. Any ideas?

  10. Thank you!

  11. his introduction: hello youtube, this is johannes msisssjjsdkdsjjddkjjdddkkddkddkd

  12. This video did not have to be 19 minutes long

  13. This is the gem! THANK YOU SO MUCHHH I LOVE U

  14. thank you so much for this training

  15. Thanks a lot dude

  16. what if i want to import this to premiere?

  17. first, thank you for the tutorial. VLC is not playing my aegisub subtitles. And I would like to put two line subtitle

  18. Hello,
    What if you want to put a 2-line subtitle?

  19. can i expoet the video with the sub on it ?

  20. Hey i have a question.
    So, i download a youtube video so i could add subtitles on it later, i used a customized font with borders and other colors, then i procceded to sub the video with italics in some parts, some lyrics on the top of the screen, karaoke effects, and i want to keep those and post them on a youtube video with subtitles opened.
    The problem is: when i save to an file youtube can use, all the custom things i made don't carry over, and only the correct times but everything loses the italics, custom font, and positions. Is there any way i can post my subs without this happening?

  21. what the hell is ctrl we?

  22. Okay, i add subs with vlc player and then what? how can i save the video with subs on it? CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASEEEE

  23. Hi there and thanks for the tutorial.
    Is there any way to download the subtitles as an .srt file once I am done?

  24. Thanks a lot. I found your guide video super helpful. Thanks.

  25. I can not open ASS file with VLC player?

  26. Please first when I save subtitle, it does not play on VLC or any other player. Second, how I make two different languages on a single subtitle. for instance, one subtitle at the top and the other at the bottom of the screen? Thanks

  27. Thanks for this great tutorial, it's very well explained 🙂 !

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