How to Install Adobe Media Encoder 2020 Full Version (Tutorial)

How to Install Adobe Media Encoder 2020 Full Version (Tutorial)


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  1. what if im on mac

  2. it's only for windows 10.

  3. i hit the "download all" button a couple times, and after zipping each download it gave me a folders with different names, "Adobe media enocoder" and the next "Adobe media encoder" theres just a difference in what would appear to be version number? which do i use?

  4. Hello, I installed media encoder but when I export a project in after effect to media encoder, it tells me that media encoder is not installed … can you help me please

  5. Thanks mate! It worked! I have a last question, I moved my folder to my desktop before the installation. After the installation, is it okay to delete the folder? or do I have to move it somewhere in my Local Disk?

  6. It works! But do I have to keep the folder where the .exe is or can I just open the shortcut and delete the rest? (Not the zip file but the extracted folder)

  7. upload: 2019
    adobe media encoder: 2020


  8. This worked!

  9. Thank you!

  10. thank you sooo much 🙂

  11. "Please lauch and active that adobe product before continuing to use Media Encoder"
    My AME has not activated🥺 can you help me please? I really dont know what to do with this

  12. error code 14 when i started installing… "U need to run that
    as an administrator"
    even though I did

  13. god bless you,, this actually helped me alot,, thanku so much !!

  14. Hi, does this work on Premiere Pro 2018?

    Would be great to know!!!

  15. That thing down there that shows it is being downloaded, isn't like that with my Laptop. An that thing that looks like coloured books isn't showing either. And that Download all button isn't showing. I have to go to three dots and klick download.. Its weird

  16. i have a cracked 2019 version which isn't working so can i delete it or will it harm my files in premiere?

  17. Thanks 👌

  18. what abt ae 2020?

  19. Can't add to que from After effects. Even after adding to que the rendering is failing saying ' Couldn't read from source' HELP PLS.

  20. My after effects is released in 2020 (version 17). I was wondering if this encoder would work with it

  21. it dosent say download all

  22. What do i do after google unzips the file? I cant download it…

  23. it says that the file is damaged when i try to open it

    any help?

  24. Thank you very much! It's 2020 May and it works for me!

  25. Nice, thanks mate 😉

  26. This worked for me but once it glitched and i uninstalled and re installed it and it never worked again can someone help?

  27. thanx brother

  28. i cant use media encoder with AE it says i need to download it when i already have it there

  29. So is it a crack or a trial?

  30. but is it a crack or something, or it'S only a trial?

  31. i can't to download this file

  32. can you give me the link for a 2018 version please

  33. Nice thank you! It works perfectly!

  34. Hey Its really working Cool. Thank You So much for your Sharing … 🙂

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