How To Hack Age Of War [Android] using Game Guardian

How To Hack Age Of War [Android] using Game Guardian

To hack this game you will need:
➡Age Of War (obviously)
➡Game Guardian

Ok so once you have both these, open game guardian first and start that up, once stared up it will now appear as the icon on the screen.
Now open up a game of your choice in this case Age Of War.
Open game guardian again by clicking the logo as seen in the video and select the game you are playing.
Now start up the game as seen in the video and copy what I do!

For the money hack:
Firstly search 175 as that is the first amount you have!
Once it has finished searching were going to narrow down the results as the results change depending on what’s changed in game, so as you saw in the video I bought a dino rider which cost 100 Gold.
I then have 75 Gold so you would then search 75 and it will narrow the results down, if anymore than 3 results show just rinse and repeat until you have a max of 3 results, thankfully the top one is usually the one we need to edit.
Change the amount to anything you like!
As long as it is acceptable.
I chose 999,999 as it is acceptable and easy to type in and allows you to definitely afford anything!
Now it’s also your choice to freeze the amount or not!

For the EXP hack:
Same goes with the money hack but searching 0 as an amount takes far too long to finish so make sure you have an amount higher than 0, as you saw in the video I searched 40 xp and my xp changed during the search which can make the hack not work so you’ll have to make sure no results show up and restart the search! MAKE SURE THE GAME IS SLOW ENOUGH! This will allow you to search easily without any amounts changing last second!
Again it’s your choice if you want to freeze or not!

Hope this helped, a like and a sub would be appreciated and suggestions are always welcome!


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