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  1. I wanted to download the torrent file but a comment right there says "Caution, do not download, this file contains Homesweeklies malware that hijacks browsers Safari and Chrome…" I am really concerned now!!

  2. Lightroom intalled already ….. yesterday i needed to rest my eye after of been all day long in the computer trying to install photoshop 😀 thanks …would be nice if you could explain hot to install premiere pro and illustrator. now i'll watch the office programas to install it now THANKS

  3. Thanks for help!!!

  4. ty!! <3

  5. Why does it say 2017 then? 5:33

  6. Thank you so much! This actually works! Appreciate it :))

  7. It didn't work, it said installer failed

  8. i've never seen someone explaining anything with that speed ,slow down my friend ,your video is a nightmare to follow

  9. It just works..thanks mate😍

  10. does not work

  11. The installation doesn't work

  12. Thank's 🇧🇷

  13. thanks you. maybe as a suggestion, the words on the paper are ok but also viewing the windows getting opened and clicked helps too. thanks you again :)!

  14. followed the steps but didn't work…..

  15. which version is this

  16. nice it worked , thanks a lot but your video is very fast and hard to grab things sometimes ..

  17. It worked, just follow step by step!

  18. thank you

  19. Got through all the steps, now . it's asking me to use my adobe sign in???? Any help to get around this??? thanks

  20. does not work

  21. 100 percent working on 26 august, make sure to use vpn

  22. Why do I get Lightroom classic and not Lightroom cc 2018?

  23. Can someone please provide the right links to download ?

  24. I wanna ask. I cannot install it says that my drive is case sensitive. How to fix this?

  25. sony raw files are able to open??

  26. HELP, folowed all the steps but when I open lightroom it asks for an adobe ID and says its only a trial for 7 days?? PLEASE HELP ME

  27. Thank you ! It works really well.

  28. bohot bohot thank you brother

  29. I did everything but the last file I copy doesn’t seem to be replacing the other file it’s suppose to.. I wonder what’s wrong?

  30. OH my thank you..guys just follow the steps..

  31. OH MY GOD THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!! I was literally losing all my hopes lmao. I bought my first iMac ever yesterday and I don't really know how to use it, but your instructions were super detailed and there were no differences between what i saw on my monitor and your video. 10/10 would recommend ♥︎ you got yourself a new affectionate subscriber! ☆☆☆☆☆

  32. is this tutorial only work for mac mojave??

  33. wow it's still works perfectly, thanks

  34. it works 0.0 thanks!

  35. the trial ended for me

  36. Thank You So Much First Try And I Was Good Awesome Video 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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