How To Get GTA San Andreas For PC Full Version With Audio & Radio

How To Get GTA San Andreas For PC Full Version With Audio & Radio

Hey Guys Welcome back to my channel again in this video i am going to show you the best and the easiest way to Get GTA San Andreas For PC Full Version with Audio & Radio

Download GTA San Andreas from here:

How To Download GTA SAN Andreas Highly compressed (CLICK to Watch)

Please watch this video till the end and don’t skip any step.

simple download GTA San Andreas from the given link make sure you have a good internet connection, so once you downloaded you need WinRAR to extract the file follow the video which i have shown you how to extract so after this install GTA San Andreas and remember to check the box for the Audio files of GTA San Andreas choose your location and install it follow each and every step and now your done
Enjoy GTA San Andreas Full Version For PC With Audio & Radio

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  1. Hey guys if you are facing this issue "Too many users have viewed you can't download at this time" so you must follow these steps carefully

    FIRST STEP: Log into your Google account then try to download the file if the file is not downloading then on top of that in the URL section there is something written known as "UC" replace the name UC and type "open" then hit enter then it will open a new page but do not download the file

    SECOND STEP: On the top right corner you will see "ADD DRIVE" file click on it then your file will be added to your google account

    THIRD STEP: Now go back to your google account and open your Google drive then you will have your file which you have added, simple Right on that file click on "Make a Copy" it will make a copy of that file then all you have to do is right-click on that copy of the file click on download it will give you a popup message click on Download anyway wait for few minutes then your file will be downloading.

    I hope this works for you guys 🙂

  2. 4:56 it gives me an error and besides, it didn't open as a winrar app

  3. i cant download the game from google drive please make a mega or media fire link
    every one have this problem press like to let him kown the problem

  4. If you still can't download it,TORRENT IT. It's the BEST WAY TO DO IT unlike this way of downloading it. Just search How to download GTA SA TORRENT and find a video regarding're welcome.

  5. WONGEDAN !!!

  6. bhai tera link mujeh google drive me lekar ja raha hai tum mujeh comment mein yeh media fire wala link bata do

  7. fake video

  8. I need this file I can't download please provide file

  9. I need gta original pc game give me link please ….

    Super graphics

  10. This file is orginal or not please tell me

  11. where is the link?? is there any link in description ?? how to visit website??

  12. freshii

  13. Thank you broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. what does that fraps app do

  15. Any Password ?

  16. who is still playing in May 2020? 😀

  17. @Waqas Khan sir does i have the hot coffee mod?

  18. Does it work on hot coffee mod sir?

  19. just downloaded it, thanks a lot bro

  20. Im not able to open the CRACK folder. please help me

  21. I cant able to find that file in crack folder

  22. does the coffee mod work?

  23. cannot download file

  24. it is asking for license

  25. Why does in my CRACK folder, it only has Gta_sa.exe and not a rar file

  26. how can i search if i cant find it

  27. thanks man

  28. Please help what to do when I open start new game in black screen appears please reply

  29. Please help me the crack file had so many problems,.. first vorbisfile (solved) then eax.dll (solved) and the last one – application cannot run correctly…please help!

  30. It says that the file has been accesed to many times.

  31. i need password

  32. Hey man… the crack file isn't present ….can u please help?

  33. vorbisfile.dll missing wth man how can i fix it

  34. do mods work on it?

  35. I dont know how to thank u. Google drive wala tarika kaam krta hai. . God bless u. Me 3 saal se ye game download krne k try kr raha tha

  36. thank you man this video very good

  37. I want to download this for SAMP just for that

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