How to Fix the Media Offline Error in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Fix the Media Offline Error in Adobe Premiere Pro

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  1. Thanks again for watching guys! The opening 3D YouTube Rotater and Like, Subscribe & Notify icons are from Envato Elements. Highly recommend it for templates, sfx and video:

  2. hi there, new subscriber here. I am working off iCloud and tidied up my folder in a project. I tried this and it says file not accessible. any ideas?


  4. The file path is the same as stated on the error message "link media" tab but still says media offline

  5. This happened in the middle of my movie Thomas & Friends Railway friends as the theme song is about to go down the hills and round the bends Thomas and His friends

  6. nice video it helps me a lot,

  7. Worked 😊

  8. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OH MY GOD YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER. I spent 6 hours on a project and thought I had lost it all. You are the best!!!!

  9. I did not change the folder location of my files yet I randomly got this very issue of media come?

  10. I recently had to do a factory reset of my whole desktop, all of my files were displaced. I used to try to resolve this when opening the file, and it was always difficult to do that way. I'm glad there's a way to accomplish this cleanly in the software. Thanks for showing how.

  11. Thank You So Much 🤗❤️❤️

  12. Mine said generic error after that

  13. How do I change the "offline media" message?

  14. Hi, i have a problem. When im trying to export a project, media button is grey, i cant press it. Do you know how to make it work?

  15. how do you get the "link media" at 1:32 to come up on Mac?

  16. u r a goddess

  17. it's crazy how helpful this video is … seriously a game changer … thank you so much!

  18. Hi, I have accidentally replaced my main video file with premier export file, now my RAW video file (.mp4) is replaced with .pro extension. I do not have a copy of that video file anywhere else, how can I recover that video file?

  19. When I follow your instruction I get a "file import failure" message at the end. I can see the file and select it, but then the failure message. It is a png file for a graphic in Legacy Title. I didn't change folder name or the location of the file.

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  21. Whenever I try to hit “OK” it crashes :((

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