How to Fix PDF Reader Not Working In Windows 10/8.1/7 (Acrobat Reader DC)

How to Fix PDF Reader Not Working In Windows 10/8.1/7 (Acrobat Reader DC)

Solve PDF Reader Not working properly in windows pc

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Acrobat Reader 9
Acrobat Reader 10
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  1. where can i find a proper eula.exe file…it's missing ?

  2. Thankyou so muchhh it works

  3. Thankyou so much it works 100 %. Thankyou you are a genius

  4. What if I don't find it in default app?
    What I need to do?

  5. Going tooo fast

  6. Thanks, that worked perfectly for me!

  7. I tried this and it didn't work for me. I am running Adobe Acrobat Pro XI on Windows 10. When I saw that Acrobat READER DC had run an update last month, I used these instructions to UNINSTALL Adobe READER DC. I did all the other things in this video including changing the preferences, running the Repair and attempting the Update. I shut down my computer, booted up, and opened a pdf and it has stayed open for over 15 minutes now.

  8. Thanks

  9. Thanks sir

  10. Thanks for the very helpful tip… Worked like a charm… However, I do have a question, after the updates are applied and the workstation is rebooted should we reenable "protected mode"?


  12. thanku so much

  13. Thank you!

  14. Sir ji mera internet exprolal me pdf set nai ho rha hai call 8517989844 pless help me sir ji

  15. Thank you very very much!!!!!

  16. I can't find Acrobat Reader DC from default program whY?

  17. Thanks man. The security checkbox was the issue for me.. didn't start the reader at all.

  18. Thank you very much!! This works for me! .. thx

  19. Wow nice sir .

  20. thnk uuuu

  21. Thanks 😊

  22. didn't work for me too

  23. It will take a while to re install so be patient 2 seconds later come on 😂

  24. Thank you sir. itz really very helpful.

  25. Please ,I want a help …the acrobat reader Dc has not save as my files …..please can anyone help me

  26. Thank You

  27. App PDF main badal Gaye hai

  28. कोई भी चीज की aap नहीं चल रहा है

  29. Read option still not working

  30. Thanks, works like a charm!

  31. Really Helpful Thank you it worked …

  32. bhai window 7 ki video banao

  33. not able to read

  34. Your solution worked! (Just hoping I won't need to do it every time I have a "cold start.")

  35. Not working.

  36. Thanks dear it was worked and solved , wish you all the best

  37. Sir my problems is Adobe reader couldn't open chrome ex because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged for example it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded. WHAT IS SOLUTIONS

  38. help in solving document eror (57)

  39. Hi – The attachment shows on my e amil shows as PDF file but when trying to open it shows it as a jpeg and will not open. Would your tutorial solve this problems? Thanks

  40. working perfectly

  41. Bother, you have told only for windown 10 I think. What about Windows 7 ?

  42. In mobiles adobe pdf reader can't fix the pages according to screen size .
    how to do that ?
    any pdf reader has such facility ?

  43. Ty kurwo to nie dziala

  44. thanks a lot!!!!! u have no idea u literally just saved my life!!!

  45. Sir it is not work

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