How to fix "Could not find the shared documents directory" error on Adobe Premiere Pro | Windows 10

How to fix "Could not find the shared documents directory" error on Adobe Premiere Pro | Windows 10

“Could not find the shared documents directory.” is error which occurs in Windows 10 while using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I show a 💯% working method which will fix this problem.

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  1. Thanks alot

  2. thank you so much for help !

  3. Thanks a lot! this helped me 🙂

  4. Is there any security threat with this solution tell me please

  5. Thanks bro

  6. Yes, It's working. 1st off: real time protection.. 2nd off in controlled folder access (Ransomware Data recovery) off that.. after that press Ctrl+Alt+Shift and open the after effects software. Now it's all fine. it's working. Thank you.

  7. brother .. still facing the same error and controlled access is alrady off……please help me out 🙁

  8. thank you it work

  9. Man!! you saved my job!! amazing!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!! tks tks tks!!!

  10. please i want to know after i turn this off my laptop wouldnt it be able to cath viruses

  11. thanks man,it helped me a lot,and ur name is famous in dota2 <3

  12. Thank you ☺️

  13. another microsoft stupidipity.

    seriously what are they thinking of

  14. Thanks alot for the hint! But please dont turn off that function! You can add exceptions. Just add Premiere Pro as an exception and you can leave your Protection activated.

  15. It Agains Save my life Bro & Again thnq So much Brother…..God Bless You 🙂

  16. Thx 😀

  17. i have directory access error make sure isnt locked

  18. tks

  19. oh god❣️❣️ you save my life brooo, big thanks to you🤩 appreciate it broo

  20. Thanks bro😘😘

  21. Perfect! It's working man

  22. ı couldnt
    its turned of bu it didnt work

  23. Thanks!!! it really helps!

  24. Thank you. u saved my time.

  25. Yes. it's working now.Thank you so much bro. it was really helpful for me

  26. Great

  27. Thankyou so much ♥️

  28. Thank you so much! Jesus Christ, I swear, windows defender is worse than a virus.

  29. Save my Full Day
    Thanks from 🇧🇩

  30. ty very much!
    APPROVED !!!

  31. Thanks, bro

  32. it didn't work for me, any other suggestions

  33. bro i love you, you helped me

  34. good job

  35. Thank You So much Brother….. for helping Us….God Bless You 🙂

  36. Thanks❤

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