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  1. LOUDER!!!

  2. cant hear your voice.

  3. Being called a YouTube gangster warmed my heart so fucking much. Take this sub. Btw I agree, your method is better. Thanks!

  4. Thanks broham, I had a brain lapse regarding transitions and this video was quite helpful.

  5. yaaay im a youtube gangster now 😊

  6. Thanks a lot, man! This really helped me out!


  8. 2020 anyone

  9. amazing

  10. Thank you!!!

  11. Thx, this helped so much

  12. Thanks, quick and straight to the point!

  13. Thank you!! This helped

  14. gangsters LMAO subbed

  15. This is why I don't like about Premiere compared to Vegas, Resolve, etc. Fading video and Audio IN/OUT is a hassle. I like the easy simple way from VEGAS/RESOLVE where you just drag the fade handle as you see fit.

  16. dude that's my Name… lol

  17. Thanks

  18. “What’s up YouTube gangsters”

  19. Nice, thanks.

  20. Nice and Simple this helped with the transition of my gameplays , subbed

  21. First time watching this (for project purposes) and my man's starts it off "What happening YouTube gangsters", damn funny guy…and appreciate the knowledge.

  22. SO QUIET

  23. Thanks, lad!

  24. Ctrl + D

  25. Good video. Helped me a lot !!!

  26. This video helped m a lot, thank you sm!


  28. youtube gangsters

  29. Thank you

  30. youtube gangstar here…im killin it

  31. thanks

  32. Thanks Dude!

  33. intro killed me

  34. Thank you!!

  35. Thank you very much .it was a
    Good course.

  36. thanks man worked perfectly

  37. You had me at "gangsters" subbed

  38. thank you

  39. youtube gangsters lmao

  40. Thank you.

  41. This is great – thanks, man. I haven't explored it yet, but can you tweak the timing in the effects panel? Or is extending / shortening the length of the transition the only way to modify it?

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