How to Export High Quality Instagram Videos in Premiere Pro CC

How to Export High Quality Instagram Videos in Premiere Pro CC

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While Instagram now lets you crop and upload videos in the app, it really is still lacking the finer control that you can get by editing a video in a traditional editing software such as Premiere Pro CC.
By editing a video before copying it to your camera roll for uploading to Instagram, you can perfectly control the quality, framing, and get a much higher quality than just shooting and uploading. This tutorial will show you the export settings for the highest render quality for Instagram, and even show you how to upload widescreen videos. These steps also work for uploading to Instagram from both iOS and Android.

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  1. IF YOUR PRESET DROPDOWN MENU DOES NOT INCLUDE "CUSTOM" AS A PRESET PLEASE READ THIS: I learned after making this video that "Custom" does not show up unless you have already customized a video preset before. To workaround this, simply select ANY of the other presets (yes, any of them), because in the next step of the video you will be completely customizing a preset from scratch and it doesn't matter which preset you choose. – There, that should hopefully answer the most common question I have received on this video. 🙂

    Anyways, thanks for watching! Please feel free to like, subscribe, and eat more tacos. Here's a video timeline:
    00:00 – Intro!
    00:40 – Sequence Setup!
    01:53 – Rant about Instagram STILL being standard definition (whaat?!)
    03:37 – The export settings I use for High Quality Instagram videos

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