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  1. Fast and straightforward, thank you.

  2. Thanks for focusing on the basics for us newbies who have never done video editing before, nice simple video!

  3. Nice job. I appreciate your straight forward approach.

  4. Me who has DSLR footage and done this: WTF why the fuck my 7 minute video is like 400mb while the fucking bitrate is 4

  5. Whats the name of the track in the beginning of the song?

  6. i really needed that queue option. Thank YOU !


  8. When I exported a 5 min video, it's only black screen with audio? what do I do

  9. If you enacted either video or audio effects will it show those attributes in the output summary when you export?

  10. e

  11. It’s tutorials like this that help the most! Thank you!!

  12. This H3H3 brother?

  13. Thank you! This helped a lot. 🙂

  14. what an intro

  15. Soo nice, thanks bro

  16. Damn! You reduced my 8 minutes length file size from 1.2 GB to 80MB! you are awesome

  17. Thank you

  18. Thank you

  19. my screen is too small so i cant press export

  20. I bet you this video was a bitch to edit😂confusing asf

  21. why does my source vid has 190mb, and when i export (even with the source export settings) it goes over 1-2 gb?

  22. Thank you

  23. In class I was advised to get the best quality was to export master out, instead of going into adobe media encoder. As you may want to keep the master and later do encoding for social media. This is an interesting approach

  24. yeah its really simple
    almost 1 million views btw

  25. Thanks for this i needed that for school👌 love to you bro

  26. I exported it and follow all the instructions but the media encoder did not show up, why?

  27. Thank you <3

  28. It won’t show me the whole export screen I can’t click export

  29. great vid

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