How to Edit and Use Adobe Premiere Pro CC Templates Motion Array

How to Edit and Use Adobe Premiere Pro CC Templates Motion Array

I encourage you to go check out the #PremierePro templates available on Motion Array:

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  1. Take a look at all the latest new Premiere Pro CC Templates on Motion Array:

  2. great video ! but can you please tell me how can i adjust these effects to match the audio drops.

  3. that Dog is arrg cute

  4. thank u…..

  5. Hi Premiere Gal, I have an issue with a Motion Array template. I cannot change the colors of some elements…even though they appeared to be changed, they don't show changed on the timeline…can you please help??? thx!

  6. i subscribed. i need some help, i bought some template and i have the placeholder but when i click on it, it doesn't show the video in the timeline or sequence.

  7. No sabes jugar fornite

  8. Eres un manco

  9. Hey Nice information. Can you tell me which template are you using in this video?

  10. pls send me some free templates mam

  11. Very helpful for helping to show how to edit within the templates. What I haven't figured out is how to create several lower thirds with different text using the same Motion Array template. When I try to change the text in the second one it changes the original, too. I wonder how I can use the same template to make many titles with different text?

  12. may i use the tamplates for creating intro videos of youtube for monetization purpose

  13. hey Gal! question can u teach people how to edit template let me know please n thank u

  14. Very helpful thank you,,,what if you have to use more than 10 shots how do u go about with that? Do u keep opening the same template saving and using other images,,,it beats me there with all the motion array templates.
    please help. Thank you.

  15. Tnq…………..

  16. Hi. Question. I am new into editing and i dont mind using templates. I am a photographer for the most part.
    I am debating in my mind if to subscribe to this or but Titler Pro 7 (which is more expensive). Which one do you recommend most? Thank your for your insight.

  17. Is your template for free download?

  18. A very informative but four-year old infomercial. Check current rates

  19. how do you add more slides to the entire

  20. i dont see nothing when you search the adobe file … i dont understand whit you cut the video :@

  21. what should i do to get more than 10 shots with different photos?

  22. Great vid! Just started playing around with motion array and pretty great content 🐱‍🏍

  23. Thank you sooooo much for this video, literally saved my life!!!

  24. Very good tutorial thanks!

  25. Hi Gal, i cant get my trailor template to function.

  26. True MVP thanks

  27. This was VERY helpful… Thank you!!

  28. Hi Premiere Gal… thanks so much… I’m learning more from your tutorials than any course… have you a similar one to this for Valentine’s Day I could follow?

  29. I think your dog wants to go out

  30. Awesome! Very helpful, thanks so much! =)

  31. I recently got into Premiere Pro and of course, jumped straight to youtube to find …help! hahaha you're amazing! thank you!

  32. thanks for this video. I wanna ask a question please. Why i miss some datas of the motion array template videos when i try to use it for premier pro cc 2019? It says "THIS PROJECT WAS SAVED FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION OF ADOBE PREMIER PRO AND MUST BE CONVERTED. THE ORIJINAL PROJEST WILL NOT BE MODIFIED, CONTINUE?" Please help! What should we do? Motion Array screwed us? how can we solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot.

  33. It’s very nice tut and that’s what’s have been looking for , but the problem I have with it now is let say I’ve finished with the template with my photos , and I wanna use that in my project like wedding or other occasion, plz how can I add it please . Thank you in advance

  34. thanks for being transparent and showing that template doesn't come with music and the music takes up ANOTHER DOWNLOAD! ..SO really only get 2 projects if you choose the $20 option and want the music.

  35. tuto from motion really hard for newbie. your video help me a lot . thanks!!

  36. thanks, i will try now. I hope i can do it correctly. 🙂

  37. Hi there! Thank you for the tutorial! Can you reply to this and give an idea of how you exported it? Which settings did you use?

  38. That is very pricey for the limited downloads you get if you make a lot of videos.

  39. In addition to being a marketplace for templates, video, music, Motion Array just introduced a new video review and portfolio platform for members, check it out:

  40. This was very helpful. Thank You Very Much!

  41. You are very beautiful I like u…..

  42. Do you have a video on importing motion array templates for windows???

  43. How would you save and then import it into another video? Is there a specific file type that you would need?

  44. like

  45. i am still very confuse when using window

  46. Nice templates… I wish I could buy

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