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  1. That Roger Avary's quote at the end was gold!

  2. I tried this but when I went back to attach it to the higher res file I got an error that said "Proxy Media and Full Resolution Media must have matching audio channels? Any clue how to fix that?

  3. Hey man, I followed all these instructions, when linking the proxy files to the original 4k files, I located the original files and it recognized them and had the check arrow to show it successfully linked, but after I linked all of them, I clicked "cancel" to exit out of that and all my files are still red in the timeline with the proxy files there as "offline", any advice?

  4. Great video thanks

  5. You're Amazing for this video. Thank you!

  6. 3:32 – 3:39 I think you can bypass reconnecting all the proxy clips manually by setting your preferences. The problem is in the creation of your proxies in the first place. It adds the underscore "_1" to the end of the file. To prevent that, go the Edit > Preferences > General > Output > and uncheck the box "Increment output file with same name exists". BE CAREFUL If you don't then check the box "Specify output file destination: " and browse to a different folder, you may default into writing over your original file with the smaller file. Anyhow, after you are done editing, and upon relinking to your original file, I think it find your similar names and relink automatically.

  7. Thank you so much for this video, you have helped me so much!

  8. Do you know how to make a DVD in encoder cc 2018? If so can you tell me or make a video on it?

  9. Could you please make a video about export setting when uploading HD video into Instagram with Media Encoder. Thanks

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