How To Download GTA San Andreas For FREE on PC! (2020/2021)

How To Download GTA San Andreas For FREE on PC! (2020/2021)

This video is a tutorial on how to download gta san andreas on pc! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released back in 2004 and is considered a classic within the GTA series. This video will teach you how to get gta san andreas for free pc! This game is great for all GTA fans, so learn how to download grand theft auto san andreas full game today!

GTA San Andreas Download:


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  1. Can u mod this version

  2. Is this safe?

  3. i need the Password to Extract it

  4. I need the link

  5. No virus? scared of bots

  6. mine took 2 days left 🙁

  7. so the truth here to be honest him)1 sec others)1 hour

  8. Hey ben! Thanks for that video I wonder if you can make a video about how to download gta vice city stories. Thanks!

  9. PERFECTLY WORKING>>>>NO SCAM>>> NO VIRUS>>>NO ISSUES>> …go for it earned a lifelong subscriber BEN…KEEP IT UP!!!!

  10. i hope gameplay with mouse wouldn't be broken

  11. Anyone know if this is a virus

  12. whoa cool just earned urself a subscriber

  13. if this works for me I will subscribe and will gather more subscribers for you (y)

  14. it accualy work

  15. beautiful

  16. it tells me "internal system error consult the files DXerror.log" what should i do

  17. its all pixeled and it dont work?

  18. Download page is not coming

  19. running the game as administrator will give the publisher information about your pc, so im not sure if this is safe….

  20. Thank you

  21. It worked like a charm

  22. pls someone help me: When i try to load a savegame my game freezes! Whats should i do?!!

  23. I cant open the game 🙁

  24. Hey when I install direct x it says it's corrupt and can't install GTA sa

  25. Is there gonna be bitcoin mining running behind the game?

  26. I waited for 3 hours and the results archive is corrupt

  27. whats the password????

  28. his download time =8mins

    my download time=greater than 12 hours

  29. mine took 3 years ty bitch

  30. Why does my gta sa said "gta sa requires at least Directx version 9.0?

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