How to Download and Install Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3 [Step by Step Tutorial]

How to Download and Install Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3 [Step by Step Tutorial]

In this tutorial I will show you how to download and Install naruto storm 3. Hope you watch the whole video before you ask questions. Thanks 😀


Update 2020

If you have problem extracting the file you can search any tool(compress/extract) in the web like:


The point is you extract the file and get what you need.

If you encounter this problem:

× No Game Music
× Error 0xc0000007b. etc
× Missing MSVCP100.dll. etc
× or something like need .Net framework. etc

Check all the box at 8:04 and Install it.

And now if it said:

“The file is corrupted”,
“Cannot find crack folder”,
“No controls”.

Well maybe your internet speed is low or download server malfunction/or alter. That means your not lucky enough to play this game. hahaha

Just kidding. We are all lucky. if we dont give up.

if is not for you then try this.

Any files use in this tutorial is not mine. Credit to the owner.


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  1. if it show disk all should download poweriso in google

  2. Bro this is online game ????

  3. Still work in windows 10??tnx

  4. it says an "error occured while trying to copy a file:the file is corrupt"
    help what should I do??

  5. you are a blessing to this world keep up the kindness bro HAHHAHAHAHA

  6. Bro when i tries to set control it says something about .NET framework please help

  7. Sir this is work for Android plssss answer my question

  8. Bro i think i dont need keyboard can i use xbox controller

  9. you need admin commands

  10. i cant fullscreen

  11. How much gb?

  12. I did everything u did n it did not start

  13. how i can use my joystick i dont want to use my keyboard

  14. Please there is a audio problem there are no characters' voices nor music in adventure mode otherwise it is working great

  15. Thank you so much beritunjuk ajar nya

  16. How do i put it in full screen

  17. Can we play without controller

  18. There is a virus in the files after downloading

  19. the codr execution cannot proceed because steam_api.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. (help)
    edited : i cant paste the steam_api.dll to the file, help me please

  20. Do you need da controller?

  21. Thx is work for me

  22. Thank

  23. how do you make it full screen

  24. hi idol. great work.


  25. All great but Audio is not working

  26. why control not work it? help me pliss

  27. pls tell me its not clickbait

  28. if u can send me a crack file :c * * that is my gmail. ;D ima subscribed u.

  29. where crack files?!


  30. What if I get just one file in the forder? With the poweriso icon and when I open it in winrar, shows me the exact files but I'm not able to extract them.

  31. How to off tge windowed mode

  32. game not starting

  33. I do everything exact so thank you for all that but none of my keyboard commands work and I followed u correctly servers times help?

  34. Thank you bro i will enjoy this game in self quarantine

  35. Can you help when I do the keys they always reset plz help

  36. Does it work full screen ?

  37. What is the size of the download brother? I only have 1gb of internet data, I'm afraid I will not be able to download it 🙁


  39. ANYONE 2020

  40. Thanks bro

  41. I donwload this game 30 munites and iwaste my time becouse when i play installer its godamn lag oof

  42. epic music

  43. bro does it work on 32 bit ?

  44. Can u give link for the crack download file? I need that to play xD

  45. How i make it full screen

  46. Thank you👊👌👌🔥🔥

  47. is this the school computer can you like dowload it in a windows 10

  48. you are legend bruh👏

  49. I just can't play, I try with a controller, I touch all the buttons on my keyboard and it doesn't work, can someone help me?

  50. ptn je peux pas jouer, juste voir la video du debut

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