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  1. me salta q no anda directplay alguien sabe qes?

  2. Still available?

  3. Yes it works just fine many thanks to you man you really are helpful ❤❤❤

  4. i almost play it…..but it wont open yeahh… pls help me

  5. How to change the language

  6. GIVE me Link download bro

  7. my favouriye pc game ever

  8. password please

  9. Just buy it in steam

  10. Virus site. Not secure

    Now I can play on my epic world map again, featured here:
    I plan to make a new world map like never before, more accurate than I have done ever before!

  12. This game has virus?

  13. What link? I can't see a mega link.

  14. when downloading it asks for a Decryption key from the creator…

  15. Thank you Bro

  16. intro is ear rape

  17. Thank u.
    Perfectly worked

  18. thanks broo it works:), i hope it did not access to virus

  19. it is not free

  20. I cant extract the game

  21. Naisu intro

  22. ake sure that your video card and driver are compatible with directdraw

  23. ı don't understand what is the difference two app please help

  24. link is no longer working

  25. Friends i am not able to find the Link can any of you please send me the link please

  26. Thanks bro It's working

  27. its asking for an another app to install i got that downloaded app in form of a video how can i convert it to game

  28. wery thank you

  29. fake

  30. Eres mi nuevo salvador

  31. If being able to add any of the new expansions would be even better.

    Is working perfectly! 🙂

    Thank you and congratulations!

  32. Obrigado! Ta funcionando perfeitamente!

  33. he is asking for password

  34. It work perfectly!

  35. you am stupid

  36. your video is trash please take this shit down

  37. its not full version

  38. OMG!!!!!!!

  39. Fake

  40. Thanks, this actually worked.

  41. Thank you bro, this is my favorite game, and i just get it

  42. Still works in 2019, even with my outdated AMD Athlon II x2 240. Although multiplayer might not work for some.

  43. thanks a lot brother!!! 4 likes from my four accounts

  44. can you play this on Lan?

  45. Thanks its work and really easy bro!!!

  46. Thanks you sir… this is one of my favorite games.

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