How to Create Scrolling Credits with the Text Tool in Premiere Pro CC 2017

How to Create Scrolling Credits with the Text Tool in Premiere Pro CC 2017

Updated Version for CC 2018:

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Update: Instead of clicking and dragging with the Text Tool, try to just click with it. This will create a self adjusting text box, and may allow for easier adding of many names.

The Text Tool addition has changed the way one might create scrolling credits in Premiere Pro. So today I am going over this new workflow, and how to add them into your project!


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  1. premiere pro is starting to suck

  2. This helped me in right time

  3. help! my rolling text is 10mins long but the export took me 30mins how to speed it up?

  4. Thanks for your excellent tutorial 🙂

  5. Thank you!

  6. thanks man, this was literally the last thing I needed to do to finish my film

  7. You saved me sir, thank you so much!

  8. EYYY, Thanks.

  9. u da bestest person eva thz so mch <3

  10. Do you know how to achieve this on a stereoscopic top/bottom 360 video?

  11. Barbie Doll
    Beef Wellington
    Early Bird
    Mic Stand
    Ray Gun
    Sunny Day
    War & Peace

  12. Useful video

  13. I have no graphics bar how can i fix

  14. Hi, does this still work. I can't get the roll box on my PP and I read that it is now legacy? As per question below – no rolling title checkbox in site. Another video clip gives me a far less elegant and far more complex way of achieving the same result – am I to assume this is the new model and the clip above is now obsolete/redundant?

  15. Thanks sir

  16. Hi! And how could you do that if you have more than one text box? Thank you!

  17. Last night I was trying to do exactly what you did, except I kept trying to set the keyframes using the position under the Motion setting instead of the Transform setting. It kept clipping just like you showed. After an hour of trying multiple times, and restarting Premiere Pro thinking it was a computer glitch I about threw my mouse through my monitor and I was screaming at my computer so loud I was hoping I would wake up all the Adobe people wherever they are. It took me an hour to cool off. I ended up using a work-around by creating the credits in Photoshop and then just importing and setting motion keyframes that way. So now I am watching this video and I'm like, damn. Stupid Adobe. For real. Such a pain in the ass. Now I need to upgrade to 2018 so I can do it the smart way.

  18. I need a fast response please. I followed all of the instructions and made my credits super long, but it is not as slow as it should be. It is still way too fast. HELP PLEASE!

  19. Thank you so much! It really helps.

  20. [FULLNAME] Good Vibes

  21. thankyouuuuuuu this thing helped me heaps and saved my pain

  22. My key frames are going to fast!! SOSOSOSOS

  23. hi, how can i reverse the credits? or how can i make the credits to appear from up to down?

  24. How i read
    Jo King = joking
    Matt tress = mattres
    Mike Stand = Mic stand

  25. please tell me how to make this in filmora?

  26. It looks like there's still the ability to tick a box that says "roll" in the Essential Graphics window if you have deselected your Text overlay. This eliminates the necessity of keyframing.

  27. An excellent tutorial! However, how does one direct the title to crawl either to the right or left direction, this feature I need!

  28. FxxxCk me…this is pain in the ass. Miss the old roll tool. 2 Clicks and finished. This must be a joke.

  29. my enter key wont work for some reason??

  30. hey man! Thanks a lot! Really helpful tutorial


  32. hello there how do I create the text that can delay about 5 second in the middle of the screen

  33. You're good bro. This helped a lot. Gracias

  34. Cek my video to double exposure technic

  35. Thanks so much. I do miss the 'old style' credit making from earlier versions of Premiere Pro.
    But you helped me out. Keep up the good work.

  36. why my credit roll keep flickering ? I put a photo under the text . render it in 23 and 25fps.turn off and turn on the music still the same. I do exactly like what the video teach . Some body help me


  38. great tutorial thanks a lot! have any of you guys made the experience, that there is some text clipped after rendering? i haven't changed the position on top and the text fits into the rectangle. put in the 2 keyframes too. it's so annoying. maybe somebody have an idea?

  39. Great demonstration to utilise the latest way to create rolling titles…..simple and easy…..THANK YOU.

  40. How about adding an image in-line with the text? How do you sync the scroll speed etc?

  41. Thank you very much for the tutorial, very helpful. ADOBE OTOH, you can SUCK IT! This is a ridiculous way to do what used to be SO much easier to do. Scrolling over and over to get to the beginning and end of a title sequence like it is not is nonsensical. Awful programming. Final Cut, even in it's infancy, did a MUCH better and easier job of this and that was at least a decade and more ago.

  42. Dude fuck yeah thank you so much this was awesome and really helpfull

  43. Thank you .. i was looking for This kind of Tutorial

  44. Thanks for this tutorial!

  45. Great video! The instructions start at about 4:25 fyi.

  46. I agree with the last comment. That is so much work. This is a breeze in Windows Movie Maker. However, I am keen to get into more nitty gitty editing. Thank you so much for showing us how its done in Premiere Pro 2017. I think this is huge learning curve. Would love to go so far in WMM and then do advanced stuff in Premiere pro but I think that would be impossible.

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