How to Create a Multicam Sequence with Audio Sync in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Create a Multicam Sequence with Audio Sync in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Get started with multicam editing in Premiere Pro:

In this tutorial (edited from a Facebook livestream), Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine shows you how to set-up and create a Multicam sequence, leveraging Premiere Pro’s powerful audio-sync feature.
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  1. i've seen several youtubers try to explain this, and it only clicked for me in this video. I had to understand how the sequences were connected before my brain could grasp all these cameras and clips

  2. Really really helpful. Thank you so much!!!

  3. I have watched lots of videos on how to do Multicam sequence and you explained it way better than everyone else. Great job and thank you for the tips.

  4. it created multiple secuences

  5. Thank you.

  6. What can I do, if one of my cameras consists of multiple fragments, and I want the multicamera sequence to automatically switch to the visible track when a short fragment ends?

  7. Only a few clips are available…

  8. Way to fix the audio man, the noise from the computer would have been annoying to listen to.

  9. OMG I just spent hours trying to sync clips in multiple editors. Tried this and did it perfectly in about 2 minutes. Thank you!

  10. Is there a way I can get the raw footage of this so I can practice editing? That would be amazing!

  11. Thank you for your great tutorial! But for a music video production, we have to align the video frames and the wave form of the video to fit with the edited audio, which has been recorded and produced separately. By using the strech tool and making an event shorter, some frames in the counter are missing in Premiere Pro.

    I hope this bug can be fixed and it will be again a way to control the succession of the frames in the timeline.

  12. did everything as you said, but it makes 4 separate multi cams for some reason? anyone know why?

  13. All Cameras cut after 29:59 , so what to do to make full sequence if your main is in 3 files?

  14. This is so incredibly thorough and helpful.

  15. Tnank you , best tutorial.

  16. I always only get sound from the left after creating the sequence from the multicamera source sequence…

  17. Got a question for you! The individual clips that were in the multicam sequence, spread out all over the place. What were THOSE clips using as audio? Pre-mixed? on-camera shotgun mic? If so, what was the audio? I'm just confused at what audio you'd be syncing to with those miscellaneous clips.

  18. Dat master audio file at 44.1k

  19. Anyone know where I can find the next video after this ?

  20. Wow Original klip #Believer editing 🙂

  21. greatest teacher alive

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